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C-Watch: Quach, Quach & Quach

Quach learns how to seize a line from our beloved mate Rocky.
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Quach learns how to seize a line from our beloved mate Rocky.

Ship's Log

Noon Position
42° 35.8’ N x 070° 40.1’ W

Ship Heading
At anchor

Ship Speed
At anchor

Taffrail Log

Weather / Wind / Sail Plan
NE winds F5, 12 degrees with 3 8ths of Cirrus clouds. No sails up, we are at anchor.

Description of location
Gloucester, MA

Souls on Board

What’s up everyone!? This is Quach coming at you live from our anchorage spot in Gloucester. A group post may not be needed or even wanted but it is coming your way whether you like it or not. A backstory for the group, however, is much needed.

Quach began as an unlikely group of misfits who shared a dream of sailing the ocean blue with their unadulterated humor and spunk. Our first watch officer Holly coined these qualities being “feral”. A rowdy group that never seems to be tired and the loudest watch, Quach is the hype train of this ship. This can be a good or a bad thing depending on the time and place.

Süpi explains how to perform a deployment to Quach as we man each

Süpi explains how to perform a deployment to Quach as we man each position, Amir on J-frame, Emmi on wire and Maeve dancing.

Quach has a hype level that can be executed and sustained throughout even the toughest of field, yet we are not exactly the people you want to be around when trying to sleep and they get off watch at 1am and decide to scrape lemon bar remains out of the pan and get caught by their watch officer right outside of your bunk. We are the watch that gets shushed the most frequently and for good reason. Constant stimulation is a must for the four of us students in order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the rest of the crew. The Quach deck hands are the voices of reason, and for good reason. They can also get distracted and rowdy at times, but are usually able to rein us in before we get into too much trouble.

Meet the Quach, member by member:

Emmi – A driven, chaotic presence with the ferocity to achieve her goals with maximum efficiency. There is nothing stopping Emmi from her goal other than a nap or a cup of honey nut cheerios. Posy – Another chaotic being that is a more grounding presence on the watch. More go with the flow and takes time to appreciate the little things, yet is ready to fight at a moment’s notice.

Süpi explains even more science to Posy and Maeve (lost in the neuston).

Süpi explains even more science to Posy and Maeve (lost in the neuston).

Maeve – A previously sea sick, recently vertical charismatic megafauna, she is the loudest and most excitable member of Quach. Brings the hype and is never sorry for party rocking.

Amir – A quiet yet disruptive presence, he is somehow causing controlled chaos in any given situation, but only in the spotlight if so desired. When in the spotlight, he demonstrates his mastery of deadpan humor and no matter how many jokes of his you are the butt of, you cannot help but laugh.

Reba – A happy, fun-loving gal who cannot get enough of boat life with almost 100 days under her belt aboard the Cramer. She never fails to help wherever needed while staying enthusiastic about it.

Adam – A whiz about things science, boats, music, and more, this kid has a clear passion for learning and getting his hair braided. A happy dude I know would help out any other Quach member in a heartbeat while honking his head off.

We have rotated through watch officers and assistant scientists for the past three weeks and so we sadly have none to call our own, but we have our favorites. Just kidding! But actually we do though. Maybe. We love all of our watch officers and assistant scientists and are grateful for every one of them. And thanks to them for putting up with us for a few weeks at a time. A Special shout out to Jason and Sarah for putting this epic group together for this quirked up trip of ours.

Oh and Quach is just C-watch but said out like it is one word. That’s what it means. We didn’t spell it like cwatch because that was too confusing and people might have thought it was pronounced as swatch. We decided that q was a better letter than k and then we also dropped the t for some reason. Just a little etymology lesson for those curious.

P.S. Shout out to Emmis grandma! She watched the Cramer all the way into Gloucester harbor in a cute yellow raincoat! Love you Grandma!

Quach Below
- C-Watch: Quach, Quach & Quach

Generator: Main
Generator fuel filter (in Hg or psi): 0
Generator water temperature (°F): 190
Generator oil pressure (psi): 35
Generator volts & amperes (V/A): 215/21
Day tank diesel fuel (gallons): 51
Bilge: ok
Cold stores refrigerator temperature (°F): 32
Cold stores refrigerator temperature (°F): 12
Main engine Fuel filter (in Hg or psi): 0
Main engine water temperature (°F): 175
Main engine oil pressure (psi): 57
Main engine exhaust temperature (°F): 600
Main engine RPM: 1300
Potable water pressure (psi): 30
Refrigeration system online: 2
Refrigeration pressures high/low (psi): 150/23
Watermaker: off

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