Reflections from the Sea

July 17, 2023

Olivia Le Blanc, Third Mate

Third mate Olivia Le Blanc, right, with her former advisor at Maine Maritime Academy, Captain Rick Miller

Ship's Log

Noon Position
1° 09.3’ S x 175° 37.7’ W 2526nm sailed

Winds NE Force 5 and raining

Souls on Board

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Good morning everyone,My name is Olivia Le Blanc, and I am the 3rd Mate on the Robert C. Seamans. This is my first full trip with SEA, and my first trip as a 3rd Mate. I’ve really enjoyed learning a new ship and getting into a new routine. There is always something new to learn about, whether it is science, fun facts from the students and their backgrounds, or learning more about the ship operations. Some of my biggest highlights have been sailing with Captain Rick. He was my professor and advisor at Maine Maritime Academy. This has been a fun and neat experience to sail and learn from him in a different capacity. It has also been a treat to sail with Ashley and Meredith who are the stewards on board. I knew them previously and none of us were planning on sailing on this trip a few months ago. I am very grateful to be sailing in such an untouched piece of the world that many will never see. The ship community has been wonderful because we are all experiencing new things and taking a moment to appreciate these opportunities. My favorite moments are when we all gather for celebrations like birthdays and Dewey sings a personalized birthday song, the 4th of July, a swim call, watching marine life from the quarter deck, crossing the equator and most of all, our initiation ceremony from pollywogs to shellbacks. Being out here has allowed me to slow down, bringing me a sense of clarity, rejuvenation, and peace. Life is simple on a ship, and it puts everything into perspective. I am very grateful for all of the small things about life at sea, the community, being able to sail here and have these once in a lifetime opportunities.

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  1. Maya Gabelberger July 20, 2023 at 22:08 - Reply

    Such a lovely personal reflection! And so interesting to hear from a former student, current 3rd mate. Thank you!

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