S-288: Sustainability in Polynesian Island Cultures & Sustainability

August 26, 2019


The students of SEA Semester Class S-288 join the SSV Robert C. Seamans in American Samoa on Sept. 23 for an epic research voyage ending in Auckland, New Zealand on Nov. 7th, after stops in Tonga and Fiji.


Julia Biagini, University of New England
Cecelia Bolon, Northeastern University
Adrianna Calamita, SUNY ESF
Grace Callahan, Wellesley College
Renee Chen, Wellesley College
Sally Chew, Hawaii Pacific University
Natalie Chiapperi, Ithaca College
Catherine Czajka, University of Delaware
Caroline Daley, Smith College
Eliza Davidian, Whitman College
Olivia DeWitt, University of Denver
Cameron Gallant, UNC Chapel Hill
Jillian Galloway, Bowdoin College
Letauaeletise Hunkin, University of Washington
Maren Janda, University of Washington
Eva Keyes, Eckerd College
Arielle Landau, Middlebury College
Elisabeth Lawrence, Hamilton
Carlin Schildge, Colby College
Zuri Kaii Shanklin, UNC Chapel Hill
Michael Tirone, Bowdoin College
Abbey Townsend, Florida State University
Jacob Tura, Bourne High School
Katherine Webber, University of Virginia
Frank Wenninger, The George Washington University
Jennie Yoors, Prescott College


Master: Elliot Rappaport / Chris Nolan
Chief Mate: Allison Taylor
2nd Mate: Rocky Bonner
3rd Mate: Ava Stasin
Engineer: Clare Feely
Asst. Engineer: Otto Neumuth
Steward: Sabrina Hutchinson
Chief Scientist: Kerry Whittaker
1st Asst. Scientist: Farley Miller
2nd Asst. Scientist: Emily Burke
3rd Asst. Scientist: Erin Houlinan
Faculty: Emily Hite
Research scientist: Dr. Dan Slayback, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (Tonga to Fiji)

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