Safety First – Training Days

Dr. Sarah Kingston, Chief Scientist

Gumby Suits

Reba, Adam, Matt, Maeve, Amir, Posy, Emmi, and Holly don immersion suits for drills

Ship's Log

Noon Position
24 31.754 N 81 46.874 W

Ship Heading

Ship Speed

Taffrail Log

Weather / Wind / Sail Plan
Refreshingly cooler with NW winds and Cumulus clouds

Description of location
At Anchor off Key West

Souls on Board

Red light glows eerily below decks as I pull myself out of my bunk about 30 minutes before the first seating of breakfast. I grab coffee and water before lugging my still waking body up the ladder through the doghouse and announce myself, "Sarah on deck!"

The wind is brisk and air much cooler than yesterday. Despite the pre-dawn hour, several trawlers illuminate patches of nearby water off our starboard side, nets spanning out like wings. I think over yesterday's events and our plan for today.

Fire hose

Rocky and Kayla test the fire hose

Yesterday and today the students completed their in-depth 'Orientation Station Rotations.' We learned to safely handle lines, set and strike sails, operate science deployment equipment, what to do in case of emergencies, and in general the best ways to harmoniously live and learn aboard Cramer for 6 weeks.

Joy for reaching this juncture and enthusiasm for the sights we see (a manatee off the port side! a tern has landed on our awning!) are contagious. Tomorrow morning we will leave Key West behind and start our journey toward the Sargasso Sea to meet the unique flora and fauna within. I look forward to this grand adventure with our C303 students and staff.

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  1. Alana Luzzio May 4, 2022 at 21:15 - Reply

    Safety is always first!!! 🙂
    Sarah, I hope you are having a great time, love the blog posts!

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