Sam and Diego story time, pt. 2!!

November 28, 2023

Author: Diego Inigo-Payne, Stony Brook University & Sam Brandt, College of Charleston

Picture of Port Fitzroy landscape without RCS in the way

Ship's Log

28 November 2023Current Position: 35° 10.951’S  175° 20.467’EShip’s Heading & Speed: Stationary in Port Fitzroy, Great Barrier IslandWeather: Light winds and some clouds, low 60s

We are back...again, hey everybody,So unfortunately Davi is not on board, yet, so we have no one to tell bad jokestoo, please excuse the inner thoughts. We are so pumped to get crew backfrom quarantine tomorrow and bring the ship's company to full status.  Buton the here and now, our day started with Sam and B Watch taking charge onmorning watch (0700-1300). First we got a fantastically amazing breakfast ofeggs, potatoes, bacon, and fruit from iron chef Ashley (Gordon Ramsey’smentor is Ashley). After our hearty breakfast to get us going, B Watch metup on the quarterdeck to meet with A Watch who was finishing out dawn watch(0100-0700) to go over their orders for the day. After turnover, B Watchheaded right into gybing (turning around) the ship, which required all of uson deck. After a successful completion of line handling and with the Seamanson a new course, Sam headed below deck to his assigned station of studentengineer for the day. There he was able to get into the nuts and bolts(haha) of the innerworkings of our home, and how our radical engineers Abbyand Angi get it done.  The rest of B Watch completed some more line handlingand another gybe, while our lab team completed a CTD deployment, Neuston nettow, and even a phytoplankton net tow. The CTD once again was able to snag aPyrosome on its way back up, this time with a fish inside. Mate Tierney andscientist Amy are keeping B(east) Watch in the game with their amazingleadership skills, serious grit. Finally at 1300 Diego and C Watch took overfor the afternoon (1300-1900).       Starting off with delectable fried polenta and enchiladas (big ups to thegalley) Diego and C Watch then took charge on deck starting out with somesail handling. We continued sailing off the coast of Great Barrier Islanduntil eventually it was time to head into port. With Kaden at the helm, westruck the sails and continued on with our motor into Port Fitzroy. Thecloser we got to the island, the more spectacular it became. Huge rockycliffs jabbing out of the sea topped with assortments of greenery. Seabirdscame swarming off the cliffs and the skies were soon filled with moreAustralasian gannets than we could possibly count (not for our science teamsthough, shout out Kelly). As the last sails came in, the whole deck wentsilent so Kaden could be directed by Captain Allison navigating throughnarrow passages into the cove. The ship came to a restful stop and layanchor in the mouth of the bay. C Watch then wrapped up our final duties andhanded off the responsibility to A Watch. We closed the day with a deliciousmeal of shrimp stir fry over rice while watching the Gannets plunge dive fortheir own dinner.Life on the boat is unreal! Signing off,Diego Inigo-Payne, Stony Brook UniversitySam Brandt, College of Charleston

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