Science, crafts and a birthday

December 6, 2022

Kamryn You Mak, Middlebury College

B-watch getting ready for a science deployment.
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B-watch getting ready for a science deployment.

Ship's Log

Noon Position
Lat 9 5.0'S Lon 142 51.8'W

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Hey there! Kamryn here on the blog, from a couple days out from Nuku Hiva! B watch had morning watch, so after a lovely fried rice breakfast, we took the deck, following Luna's turnover and request for haikus. During watch, we were able to do our first science station in the daylight! We deployed the hydrocast carousel and then our very first neuston net. Big day for B watch.

Even bigger day, because it's Ava's birthday! Our wonderful wonderful mate.

She's an absolute star and has taught us so much already. After we successfully got gear aboard, there was water collection and sail handling to be done. I drew water from the niskin bottles out of the carousel so that a later watch can process chlorophyll a and pH. Then, since we had heaved to for science, we needed to get the ship going again! Our deckhands, Jackie and Rose, were acting as junior watch officers today, so we took direction from Jackie to handle some lines and get the ship moving--on a port tack which has not been prevalent on this passage to the Marquesas with the Easterlies blowing. I stood lookout for a bit, enjoying some flying fish soaring over the swell. Then, in an exciting first for us, we set the JT (jib tops'l)! This is the forward most sail on the Seaman's, sitting above the Jib. Watch wrapped up with other deck and hourly duties, sending us hungry into lunch just past 1300.

Josiane had guided our Stu Stew Marley and the rest of the stewards in making Bougnat, Kanak stew from New Caledonia. It had chicken, beef, taro, spinach, and some other goodies. Delicious! Lunch was complimented by fresh papaya and lime and salad. Post lunch, I was eager to weave so I got a pandanus leaf from Josiane and sat on deck to make something. I sewed a small bag yesterday from scrap material and am hoping to weave a shoulder strap for it. During my weaving, it became class time so we had some great announcements and deck reports, including fun stats like us having consumed

792 eggs with 768 remaining, and my single-handed carry of the amount of prometh seasickness medicine that has been consumed. (Everyone else has been taking a different seasickness med but that one unfortunately wasn't doing it for me and one time after taking it I immediately threw up.. so). Class finished with oceanography group work time and then cake! For Ava! Cam made a huge purple cake that was delicious and we were all able to enjoy on the quarter deck. Now, I'm writing this post in the library and am eager to continue weaving. There's a lot of crafting energy around and I am definitely here for it. Until next time!

All the love,

Kamryn You Mak, Middlebury College

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  1. John F Roney December 8, 2022 at 01:48 - Reply

    Thanks, Kamryn, for the informative blog post. Good to hear that you are getting some science done. Tell Kate hi from her dad and let her know that I am only 2300 miles away in Hilo right now. Looking forward to hearing about the Marqueses.

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