Science is so Amazing

April 20, 2022

Amir Graupe, Quach (C watch), University of Illinois

Posy feeds a goldfish cracker to a seasick Maeve

Posy feeds a goldfish cracker to a seasick Maeve

Ship's Log

Noon Position
31° 54.14' N x 069° 52.02' W

Ship Heading

Ship Speed

Taffrail Log

Weather / Wind / Sail Plan
Cloudy, Force 5 winds from the northeast, Storm Tris'l and Mainstays'l

Description of location
Somewhere in the Atlantic

Souls on Board

I woke up this morning at 0600 for morning watch and for some reason the first thought that came to my head was Science is so amazing. My alarm startled me awake and I have no recollection of what train of thought led to this sentiment (although it is a true statement). We had bacon, eggs, and biscuits again for breakfast, and then Quach (C watch) headed to the quarterdeck to relieve A watch from dawn watch.

engine room

Abby and Amy teach Posy, Ashley and, Amir how to change the main generator's oil

Emmi, Reba, and I headed down to sweep and Swiffer the floors, and then I went to the engine room because today is my engineering day. Abby, Amy, and I turned off the water maker and main generator, turned on the deck generator, and emptied the wastewater tanks. After that, we got to the main event of the day; changing the main generator's oil.

Ashley, Posy, and Adam volunteered to come and help with this.  The process took around an hour and a half. The engine room was a surprisingly neutral temperature, so it was actually a pleasant experience.

The process was a bit messy and by the end, all our hands were stained with oil and fuel. I recorded most of the experience, but I realized after the fact that the recordings were all, unfortunately in slow motion.

After we finished the oil change, I still had an hour left on watch, so I went up to deck. Thane taught Reba, Maeve, and I how to look at the sun use a sextant at local apparent noon and we recorded our observations. Quach was relieved by B watch and we headed down below for lunch. Lunch was quinoa, chickpeas, and various toppings.

We finally set sail again after lunch as the weather had improved a bit. I took a short nap after lunch and then it was time for class.


Amir steers the ship with his butt

Emmi and Elizabeth emceed class today by reading the beginning script of The Bee Movie and creating a fun MadLib. We used the sextant measurements we obtained before lunch and cross referenced them with a nautical almanac to determine our latitude.

There were some delicious garlic bread pastries for snack and we received our nautical science assignment for the shore component. I took another nap after class and woke up in time to have some pasta for dinner.

After dinner, we lined up to chuck Easter eggs off the boat which I missed by about three seconds ? Me and the rest of Quach are now mentally preparing ourselves to wake up at 0030 tomorrow for dawn watch so I'm going to go to sleep now.

PS: Happy birthday tomorrow Mom! I tried calling, but I'm not getting good reception for some reason.

- Amir Graupe, Quach (C watch), University of Illinois

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