Secret Secchi Dish Mission

October 20, 2023

Author: Liam M., B Watch

Oct 20 1small

Everyone seeing candy for the first time in a couple weeks.

Ship's Log

Friday, 20th October, 2023

Noon Position: 36 deg 26.1' N x 063 deg 48.7' WShip Heading (degrees): 195Ship Speed (knots): 5.3 knotsLog (nm): 1175 steering 195Weather / Wind / Sail Plan (from 1300 Watch Change):  Light and variablewinds build to BF 4 and 5 from the south later in the day. Description of location:  Gulf Stream crossing into the Sargasso Sea

Today started off like any regular day, getting woken up and coming ontodeck very tired and looking out at the horizon and seeing pretty calm seas.Unlike last night, we were out of the Gulf Stream now and into calmer water.Except I didn't see much of a horizon because I was on dawn watch and it was1:00 AM in the morning. I was in lab with Paige, Riley, and Alli and we werechilling, it had been a pretty calm watch since there were no deploymentsbecause of rough weather. After our watch ended and we mustered we all wentstraight to bed. I only got 2 hours of sleep though and then woke up at 9and for some odd reason and couldn't fall back asleep. So I took a showerand went up on deck and before I talked to some people on C watch I noticedthe sea color, it looked oddly purple for some reason.

Then up until class at 14:30 everything went on as a normal day. The beginning of class wasnormal with reports on Navigation, Weather, and Science. But then for themain activity we were told that we were doing a special secchi disk bet butthere were multiple colors on. So as watch we guessed which colors woulddisappear and which would stay the longest. But there was a surprise,instead of a secchi disk it was two containers, one of M&M's and the otherone with Skittles. At first we did actually throw M&M's in the water andkept track of how long we saw them but after that we all just ate them andhad a good time. Then after that it started raining for a little bit and wewent to the main salon and there it was, fudge popsicles and jolly rancherpopsicle.

Now at this moment I don't know if I could've been happier. Somost people grabbed fudge popsicles and some grabbed Jolly Rancher popsiclesand it was really good. Then since it was raining A-Watch was on deck andthe rest of us were either sleeping or playing cards. Then it was just anormal day until about 17:30 or 4:30 PM. At which some of use went on deckbecause it was too hot below deck, and the first sight we see is massivewaves crashing over the side of the ship and onto the deck. So what do youdo at that moment you might ask, well some of us stayed down below and sleptbut most of us got our harness and went to the bow, and within minutes allof us were soaked.

Most of us sat at the bow singing songs and chanting toWhat Do You Do With A Drunken Sailor. The swells were so big that it wouldhit the side of the ship and drench us all in salt water. Some people weresmart and got there foulies on, Jackson even got his swim shorts on, but Ijust sat there in all cotton having the time of my life with everyone else.We sat out there for about 50 minutes and then went to dinner and dried off,then throughout the night the waves just got bigger and bigger. But most ofus had fallen asleep, I wanted to but I was on watch for six hours again offof two hours of sleep, not a smart decision on my part but I had fun so Iwas fine with it.

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