Shark in the Bay, What a Slay Day

February 17, 2023

Adele Carcano





What a day. We collectively awoke to the screeching of roosters at 5:30, scrambling out of our mosquito cocoons. Ben and Lila started the day with some yoga on the patio - and others watched the sunrise over the mountains. We then donned our sunscreen and smiles and headed down for 7 o’clock breakfast. With full tummies and full hearts we ascended the hill back to the BungaLab. Here, at the BungaLab, Kelly and Schelly taught all of us how to use all of the science equipment for our water samples. We then gathered into the van and went to the local supermarket - hoping to grab some treats. I purchased flip flops and a water bottle - for I tragically left my new water bottle on the plane :(. We promptly returned for a scrumptious lunch of tacos which was THEN followed by a talk with Neil Davies - the director of GUMP station.

Miraculously, we were only halfway though the day - the sun still shining brightly. It was time for the reef survey. We changed into our wetsuit leggings and rash-guard, popped on our snorkels, drove 5 minutes down the road and practice surveyed our way around the local beach. Sofie saw lots of box fish! There were an astonishing amount of sea cucumbers amongst the rock and corals. Afterwards - we took our sunburnt souls back to the cabins and straight to dinner (lyche, chicken, potatoes, and bread for desert) where we talked about our favorite reef sights. As Massi stood in line, munching on pineapple and lyche, his eyes caught upon a strange sight - a fin - perhaps a SHARK FIN. Indeed it was, but not one shark but two!! What an exciting end to dinner and to an exciting day in Moorea.



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