Some Well Needed Rest

December 21, 2023

Author: Owen Newbigging, Queen’s University


Me and Gene out for a rip

Ship's Log

20 December 2023Current Position: Anchored at Great Barrier IslandShip's Heading & Speed: NAWeather: Sunny and warm

Today started with a lot of frantic cramming, our ADRT essays being due atnoon. At the same time, we had our final watch officer evaluation meetings,where we discussed how we'd improved since our last meetings about two weeksago. The meetings were kind of sad, receiving feedback from people we'vegrown to respect so much over the past month, with the impending realitythat in a few days, we likely won't see them ever again. You could feel therelief in the air at lunch, as everyone had handed in their papers, andchecked off another box on the list of things-to-do before Auckland.After lunch, we enjoyed some well needed R&R. Most people went to explorethe island, but I took the opportunity to sail the Seamans's spritsail baby,Gene. Exploring the inlet we are anchored was a treat, and with big gustscoming through the mountains surrounding it, Gene was surprisingly playful.After sailing for a purpose for a month, it was great to just enjoy sailingfor what it is, and connect with the ocean through the activity. On GreatBarrier Island, the rest of the class went on hikes, soaked in the rays, andother landlubber activities. The brave ones went swimming. I say bravebecause we've seen at least three sharks since anchoring here yesterday.Don't worry parents, everyone made it back aboard with all limbs intact.After dinner, we had the opportunity to play with Gene again, this time inher rowboat form, to go for sunset rows. We appreciated the serenity, andthe peaceful singing of the gannets. We're winding down for bed now, aftersome delicious peppermint chocolate cookies, and with our OGC presentationstomorrow, I think everyone appreciates not having any more dawn watches towake up for.To everyone at home, I can't wait to see you!Owen NewbiggingB Watch

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