Starting the Voyage

July 22, 2021

Seán S. Bercaw, Captain

C297C on the SSV Corwith Cramer

C297C on the SSV Corwith Cramer

Ship's Log

41° 28.5 N x 070° 45.2 W

Light S‘Westerly breeze, Pleasant Temperature [75°F], High clouds, a beautiful evening

Sail Plan
Anchored in Tarpaulin Cove on Naushon Island,

Description of Location
Martha’s Vineyard Sound (about 5-miles from Woods Hole)

Souls on Board

The sea component of SAS II is off to a grand start.  After the students came aboard at 1400 [2pm], we proceeded with introductions and safety orientation, including most importantly the proper operation of the marine Head!  With that knowledge ‘under our belts’ we departed Dyers Dock at 1547 – this exact timing dictated by the Steamship Authority ferries that carry passengers out to Martha's Vineyard.  They run on a very exact schedule and we need to fit our departures and arrivals into their operational timing.

During our transit to the anchorage learning stations were conducted which gave students the opportunity to literally “learn the ropes”.  Following dropping and “setting” the anchor [making sure it’s securely ‘hooked’ into the bottom] we had a delightful dinner of Pesto Pasta, chicken, and garden salad – a light but tasty meal that matched the spirit of the evening.   The day concluded with community building ‘games’ that brought a good laugh and also allowed the two “pods” – the SAS student pod and the ship’s professional crew pod – to begin the process of bonding into one ship’s community.

As Captain, the evolution of this collection of individuals into one positive, supportive ship’s community is a delightful journey, where the Corwith Cramer, both a learning platform and our home, seems to nurture and guide this enchanting process. I go to bed, this first night of SAS II, with a smile upon my face.  The voyage has only just begun but the journey is well on its way.

- Seán S. Bercaw, Captain

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