Story time by Diego and Sam

November 24, 2023

Author: Diego Inigo-Payne, C Watch, Stony Brook University, Sam Brandt, B Watch, College of Charleston

Working on the headrig

Ship's Log

23 November 2023Current Position: Dockside in AucklandShip’s Heading & Speed: Stationary (chilling)Weather: Partly sunny and cloudy, fairly windy

We started the day staggered into two eating groups for a deliciousbreakfast of banana pancakes and bacon prepared by Chef Ashley. Aftertidying up dishes, we broke into watch groups to dive into cleaning and ourship responsibilities, such as engine room checks and lab work. Sam and BWatch got to head into the engine room first and learn about theinter-workings of the technical aspects of the Seamans. This included a 30minute run through of the engine room below decks. The tall people had arough time. For those who don’t know, the engine room is often shy of 5feet, which creates migraine galore for those slightly above average height.The forward-most part of the engine room has a tiny walkway in which even ashorter person has to crouch. Poor Lev (and later others) had to crawl ontheir hands and knees to keep up with the group.In the meanwhile, Diego and C Watch learned about lab safety and samplingtechniques from our rad marine techs Kelly and Amy, followed by a quickscavenger hunt (C Watch killed it). A Watch rounded out the trainingssessions with a boat check, and then all three watches rotated through thesestations. After a solid morning of learning we paused for a tasty lunch ofsoup and banging homemade focaccia, super yummy! We then broke for a littlesiesta and R&R time which was well utilized for some great naps, bookstoreshopping, and a group effort haircut for Diego (thanks Winslow, Morgan,Grace, Zeke, Kaden, and Charlotte).After R&R time, we split into groups again! This time we learned how to usea sextant, the ins and outs of sails, and more lab time (we filled watercontainers)! We broke a final time for dinner delightfully met with stir fryand noodles, big ups chef Ash (you da GOAT). After dinner Sam and B Watchdid a stellar job cleaning the galley, and then Diego and Sam told bad jokesto Davi. All and all, a long day of fantastic interactive stellar learning.Thank you Captain Allison, mates, and crew.Signed,Diego Inigo-Payne, C Watch, Stony Brook UniversitySam Brandt, B Watch, College of Charleston (Go Cougs)P.S.Aun que falte unos dias,Feliz cumpleaños mama.Espero que lo pases bien.Besos y AbrazosCon amor, DiegoMom, Dad, fam, and Maddie miss you guys so muchHave an awesome thanksgiving wish I was there (5 ducks)Love you guys, Sam (SB3)

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  1. Pat Hilgendorff November 27, 2023 at 18:34 - Reply

    Thanks for all the descriptions,Diego. I hope you will all get a chance to post whenever possible. I’m glad the meals sound so wonderful. I like your picture of the crew on the bowsprit!

  2. Anonymous December 3, 2023 at 18:22 - Reply

    Diego! Mi rey!!
    Acabo de leer tu blog –
    Me da muchissima alegria leer tus palabras. Gracias por felicitarme desde tu hermoso barco – Uds zarparon el dia de mi cumple! (hermoso regalo).

    Everyone here is FINE. But totally land locked.
    Best is that Bella got voted Track Captain (and she is PSYCHED)
    OK so I’ve been running up the gorge with my office mates
    The kitty is hillarious, Papa is FINE and tried to see the aurora borealis from the top of Mt Pleasant
    but ended up surrounded by Cornell students asking questions about his camera
    Sofi had to repair the axle of her car and put snow tires on it so there goes a chunk o change (do you miss home yet?)
    We had a wicked funny conversation about it

    Te quiero hasta el horizonte – y mas alla
    Te cuides mucho (please please).

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