Sunny with fantastic clouds and good vibes!

October 27, 2023

Author: Soleil Michaud, University of San Diego

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Beautiful and yummy wahoo, sorry if blood is gross to anyone…

Ship's Log

October 27, 2023

Time: 17:11Location: ugh… the sea 24° 19.194 ‘S 175° 29.013 ‘EWeather: sunny with fantastic clouds and good vibes

What a beautiful day out here on the Bobby C. I am sitting on the starboardside looking at all the amazing clouds that have been forming and changingall day long- the hard effort of the wind and evaporation prepping the dailyshow called sunset. Yesterday was the first day in about what felt like aweek, but was probably a few days, that the sun came out in its full gloryonce again. It is so nice to feel the warmth of sun on my skin again,especially since I was pulling out all my layers despite it being 20°(however the internal tropical in me also knows it’s cause we crossed thetropic of Capricorn and I’m not built for that). These last few days havebeen sporty and quite fun, but I am so glad its calmed down. It probablywon’t last long since our friendly former hurricane Lola is intended to makean appearance this weekend and give us some sweet little showers. Lots ofadventures out here and so many cool sights!

I feel so blessed for all the things I have gotten to see while on thistrip. When we were in Tuvalu, I was sitting on the beach watching the sunsetwhen suddenly, I saw a fin. A tribe of three eagle rays swam right up towhere Satya and I were sitting, going about their business of catching somedinner. Anyone who knows me, knows I hold a very special place in my heartfor rays of all kinds. It was one of the most magical experiences I havehad. With the pink and orange hues in the background and the calmness of thesea it made the eagle rays almost glow against the darkening sea. As we satin awe, children from all around appeared and joined us.

That isn’t the only large animal we have seen. The other night we were onnight watch and had to redo a carousel deployment due to equipmentmalfunction; at the time it was a bit of a bummer because it meant wewouldn’t be able to do our Neuston tow. However, as soon as we heaved to, asingular dolphin (I think it was a bottleneck dolphin) decided to hang outaround the bow. It would disappear into the dark night and then its shadowwould appear again slowly until it jumped back up to say hi. The sight of asingle dolphin in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere. What asight.

We have also seen many fish big and small. On one of our dawn watches, alittle flyfish jumped onboard, and while it didn’t survive… the next day weused it as bait to catch a wahoo! All I can say was it was a deliciousdinner, and I am so thankful to the ocean to providing us our meal. In termsof small fish, the other day while in lab, we were doing our 100 count andcame across a hairy egg. I have no words to describe that exactly this egglooked like that, so I will be attaching an image.

We have also gotten to see so many cool critters too! To name a few: Crabzoea and megalopae, copepods of all sizes and shapes, chaetognaths, babyoctopi, viper fish, and heteropods (which are very rare catch. Some of ourother creatures had a longer life (mainly fishies) and lived in ouraquarium. We got a paper nautilus named Cap, which is even more uncommonthan heteropods. He was released when he started getting stressed as well asPetunia our octopus. Our first aquarium fish Eddie Squalls was released intoan eddie yesterday. Squid the cuddle fish is missing in action so it isassumed she returned to the sea. However not all of our pets survived, in asad but growing graveyard, Skinny Ethan, Weird Al, Willy Squalls, and Felipethe Flyfish did not survive the dropping ocean temperatures of our voyageand passed.

There is so many other little creatures I didn’t mention but this is atleast a great gloss over what we have seen!Shoutouts:Nana and papa: Hi I miss our phone calls! I can’t wait to hear your voicesagain. Our captain reminds me of you grandpa, and every time we talk, itfeels like I am getting to hang out with you. I hope you and nana are bothdoing well.

Olivia: Hope school is treating you well, I miss you and can’t wait to hearall about your first quarter eeeee!!! Give ben and the fam a smooch.

Raya: Hola ma, soñe contigo anoche, era una pura rise entre nosotras. Ican’t wait for more. Podrías mandarle la foto del huevo a searcy sincontexto jeje. Le podrias decir a Joah y Ty que soñe con ellos y que losextraño montones. Gracias ma

Dad: Hi! Hope your doing great!! I miss you very much and love you! I can’twait to share all my adventures with you!

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