Surrounded by Nothing But the Big Deep Blue

Author: Sil Kiewiet de Jonge, College of the Atlantic

Snorkeling in Fredriksted
Snorkeling in Fredriksted

Snorkeling in Fredriksted

Ship's Log

Noon Position:
20 46.46'N x 65 15.57'W

Ship Heading:

Taffrail Log:

Weather / Wind / Sail Plan:
Starboard tack under the four lowers with a shallow reefed main. Wind ENE, Force 3. Seas ExN, 4ft.

Souls on Board

We've had a good trip so far and we are learning a great deal of stuff, all things nautical science, oceanography and even some maritime history, (thanks for the prior knowledge Chris and Craig). C Watch has had a couple of watches in the night sky already, these are the most fun. When at lookout, I get to sing shanties while I gaze at the darkness on the horizon looking for evidence of other human life. I also practice some astronomy and am getting more and more familiar with the stars and constellations in the sky.

Sunset over St Thomas

Sunset over St Thomas

Currently we are surrounded by nothing but the big deep blue, sailing is going well and so are the science deployments, we are learning what lives where, how to deploy nets, trim sails, and all the other jazz. And so we learn a little every day.

In between, during and while watch and sleeping I am having the time of my life.

Ps: Mum and Dad, as Will mentioned earlier I conveniently parted ways with my round framed glasses in St. John. Could you drop by Pearle opticians (The one in Kalverstraat is where I got my old ones) and get me a new pair similar to those, they have my information otherwise consult a binder in my room. Also could you bring some of my swimming trunks for when we meet, the ones I'm wearing now are at the end of their life cycle. Sorry for once again asking too much, looking forward to seeing you again after so long.

In the head rigging with Margot

In the head rigging with Margot

Say hi to Tids and Phoebs and the rest of the family. Tell Ollie to Bi-Heef.

Big Knuffels,

Sil - C Watch - College of the Atlantic

Contact: Douglas Karlson, Director of Communications, 508-444-1918 |

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  1. Sarah Hammond March 1, 2022 at 13:40 - Reply

    It all sounds fantastic! We are following the Cramer’s progress with great interest and love reading the blogs!!
    Sil – We’ll sort out the glasses and swimming trunks- see you soon!!!xx

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