The Beginning of 305!

October 1, 2022

Kevin Murray, Captain, SSV Robert C. Seamans



Ship's Log

Noon Position
32°43.3’N x 117°10.7’W

Weather / Wind / Sail Plan
Partly cloudy, CU 3/8th

Description of location:
At anchor in San Diego Bay, California

Souls on Board

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Narrative for the Day:

Hello from the SSV Robert C. Seamans. This is Captain Kevin Murray. We are currently anchored off of downtown San Diego. We are all appreciating the skyline but look forward to the star gazing to come!

The last three days have involved a great deal of orientation, training, faculty-led sessions, and generally adjusting to all of the spaces of the ship that will be our home for the next six weeks. While we have all been very busy, we have also had opportunities to connect to family and friends with phones. Now that the phones have been tucked away and our community of student and professional crew have turned all of their attention to the ship, I would like to kick off our daily blog.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Maritime Museum of San Diego’s administration and staff for their extraordinary generosity and hospitality for the last several days as we prepared for our voyage. The Museum was an ideal staging and orientation environment for our ship’s company, providing everything from local resource knowledge to informative history and culture resources for our student crew. We hope to visit again sometime soon to share stories of our voyages in the Pacific and see the results of their current ship restoration efforts. Farewell and good luck to our friends there!

Fair winds and see you all on the other side!
Kevin Murray, Captain, SSV Robert C. Seamans

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