The Flaming Aces

November 2, 2019


(Most of) The Flaming Aces sitting around a game of Dutch Blitz.

(Most of) The Flaming Aces sitting around a game of Dutch Blitz.

Ship's Log

Current Position
29°30.2’S x 172°55.1’E

Ship’s Heading & Speed
180° PSC, 7 knots

Partially cloudy, winds SE/F4, seas 3ft

Souls on Board

Dutch Blitz: A high intensity card game of skill, speed, and sometimes plain luck (very similar to Pounce if anyone has ever played that). But this is not just a simple game of cards. It is a way for so many of us to come together, take a break, laugh and have a small bit of everyday land life brought onto the ship. At the very beginning of the trip, as she explored the different spaces on the ship, my fellow watch member Grace discovered the game in the library and insisted she teach us to play. We started out just playing with members from our watch, A Watch. This is where the name Flaming Aces came from. As we slowly got used to the watch schedule, members from the other watches slowly trickled in, intrigued by the bright cards and competitive nature of the game. We were happy to teach them the game and have them join the Flaming Aces.

Dutch Blitz has become one of my favorite parts of the day, even it means I have to skip my afternoon nap or lose a little sleep before dawn watch. It has been a way for me to bond with many of my shipmates (even though it creates temporary enemies). It can be hard to hang out with and get to know member outside your own watch. Playing this game inherently helps us bond by simply putting us all around the same table. I play cards with my family a lot at home, so this has also been a way for me to bring that sense of normalcy here to the ship.  Also, a quick note to my family, you better watch out because I will be making you play this game and I am really good. And a quick shout out to Captain Chris’ friend, Erin for sending the game our way, thank you!

Happy birthday Mama and Nicole! Love and miss you both so much and can’t wait to see you soon (especially you Nicole, 18 days eep)!!

Signing off and sending love to everyone back home!

- Natalie Chiapperi, A-Watch, Ithaca College

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