They Sea We Rollin’

March 4, 2024

Author: Brooke Levan (A Watch), Oberlin College, and Chelsea Moody (B Watch), Bowdoin College


Brooke does some light reading of Bowditch while at the helm (she was still on course!)

Ship's Log

February 28, 2024Position: 41°53.401 ‘S x 175°33.126 ‘EHeading: 085°CSpeed: 2.3 knots (back on the sails!!)

Weather: Today we had some of our wildest and whackiest weather yet! Westarted off the day with southerly gusts hitting force 7 and 8. This madefor sea swells of up to 8ft—some of which splashed up the sides of the boatand gave us a nice shower for the day. This evening the winds and seas haveeased to force 6 and we have begun our sailing journey once again aroundCape Palliser, making way towards our anchorage in Wellington!Log: 1192 NM

Welcome to special edition joint blog with your favorite ex-roommate duo!Today was a bit sporty with some crazy waves rockin’ us about for themajority of the day. Chelsea saw a 16 ft wave :0 Our gimbaled (spelling viaMarshall via page 600 of the Concise Oxford English Dictionary) tables wereput to the test as we rolled about while we were hove to. Luckily, no cornchowder was spilled on the floor – this would have been a tragedy as thecorn chowder/homemade bread was delectable. Watchstanders donned full foulweather gear today (one of us dropped one of their suspender pant straps inthe toilet. We will let you guess who. We have low lows and high highs outhere). You could say we made a ~splash~ today – or rather, a splash was madeon us. Brooke was blindsided by a 10-foot wave while on lookout (but hey, itonly got half her body!). Chelsea nearly lost a contact to the gale forcewind while on lookout. Our shipmates Bethany and Katie also got a freeshower from a wave whilst on an onion retrieval/pushup mission from thegalley. However, spirits remain high! Today for dinner we had Taco Tuesday!Don’t worry about the fact that it’s Wednesday and we ate out of bowls!Brooke saw a seal! Chelsea gave her creature feature on flying fish duringship’s meeting (they can fly with their honkin’ pectoral fins for 300 m inthe air)! We’re eating muffins! Tomorrow is Leap Day (also a fantastic filmfeaturing Amy Adams, please watch for Brooke)!Our quote of the day is from our dear Neel regarding the midnight snack,orange earl gray muffins (courtesy of Cam): “This muffin is making mespiritual”.Lastly, happy birthday to Raechel’s brother! Rachael’s brother, your sistermakes excellent food. Have a happy day!Soon we’ll be in Wellington.That’s all folks!Brooke Levan (A Watch) and Chelsea Moody (B Watch)Boberlin (Bowdoin + Oberlin)(liberal arts crossover <3)Brooke would like to say hello to mom, dad, Megan, grandma, family, Lucy,Bella, Neva, friends, and Caterina <3Chelsea would like to say hello to KM, BM, LM, AR, CB, MS, VA, SH, and LBJulia, who was in the library as we wrote this, would like to say hello tomama, tata, talciu, jenjen, eri, togli, zos,i babcia!

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