Training Day for Class C-302

February 16, 2022

Author: Jeff Schell, Chief Scientist

Snorkel survey team, C302. All students and some crew, can you find your student-snorkeler in the group?

Snorkel survey team, C302. All students and some crew, can you find your student-snorkeler in the group?

Ship's Log

Alongside Gallows Bay, St Croix, USVIs

Clouds come and go, breeze picking up throughout the day, comfortable tropical temperature.

Souls on Board

Today was a busy, productive, enjoyable day onboard the SSV Corwith Cramer for all Ocean Exploration (OE) and Atlantic Odyssey (AO) students.  The morning began with an amazing sunrise accompanied by the crow of roosters drifting across the bay.  Then a hearty breakfast to carry us through the morning as we spent our time preparing for and then implementing our first snorkel survey around Protestant Cay.  All returned to shore with smiles on their faces and stories to share of the cool marine critters they saw.  The green sea turtles were by far the class favorites!

Sil and Gisela trying on their safety harnesses.

Sil and Gisela trying on their safety harnesses.

As we prepare for our epic voyage across the Caribbean the students learned the all-important Boat Check - a process where-by one crew member walks through all parts of the Cramer looking, listening, and smelling for any trouble.   Many a Boat Check in the past has caught a small problem before it became a large, unmanageable one.  There were also tours of the lab and engineering spaces with an emphasis on safety.

Spirits were high recognizing that upon the completion of each training session we were incrementally moving one step closer to setting sail.  As a sailing school vessel (SSV) we do not carry any passengers; so all of this training is essential before we leave the dock.  Energy remained high throughout the long day thanks to the amazing food coming from the galley - shout out to Will and Audrey our amazing stewards.  Dinner included a multi-colored salad with fresh pears, peppers, and tomatoes; along with a variety of chicken wing flavors and baked potatoes with all the toppings. No worries here, all are eating well.

Much more to follow in the coming days and weeks.  Soon you will hear directly from the students as this amazing story of C302 unfolds!

Protestant Cay, St Croix, site for our first reef survey.

Protestant Cay, St Croix, site for our first reef survey.

Chief Scientist

Jeff Schell (Schelly)

PS  Shout out to family, friends and loved ones onshore.  I miss you all dearly.   To my beautiful rose - sweet dreams always.

Contact: Douglas Karlson, Director of Communications, 508-444-1918 |

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  1. Chris February 17, 2022 at 09:54 - Reply

    Shoutout to my shipmates on the Cramer, work hard and have fun! -Chris

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