Underway for the Caribbean

November 7, 2022

Captain Chris Nolan


Hello from the Cramer!

After an extended maintenance period at Rockland Marine Corporation in Rockland, Maine, a crew of 28 professional SEA employees is delivering the Corwith Cramer to St. Croix in time for the C306 program, "Caribbean Reef Expedition."

During the shipyard, routine maintenance was conducted, as well as replacement of some steel plating which had corroded to a point necessitating replacement according to standards of the U.S. Coast Guard and the American Bureau of Shipping...better safe than sorry!

With a freshly painted bottom and an eager crew, we transited south from Rockland towards the Cape Cod Canal.  Then we did a 4 hour stop in Bourne, MA, to offload and onload some goods and some people, and now we are headed south to the Caribbean!

During the voyage we are taking the time to focus on training and professional milestones for our crew, as well as test setting sails and science equipment so that the next program is set up for success.

Our cruise track will take us directly from Martha's Vineyard to St. Croix, though we will likely dodge east a bit towards Bermuda to avoid some late season icky weather in the North Atlantic.

Best to all ashore!

Capt. Chris

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