Welcome Aboard!

October 3, 2023

Author: Jeff Schell, Chief Scientist

Proctor Academy, Ocean Classroom students are welcomed aboard the SSV Corwith Cramer, their new home for the next 33 days!

Ship's Log

Monday, 02 October 2023

Noon Position: (Lat and Long):  41 deg 31.4’ N x 070deg 40.3’W

Ship Heading (degrees):  NA

Ship Speed (knots):  NA

Log (nm): 0.0

Weather / Wind / Sail Plan (from 1300 Watch Change):  Sunny, dry and cool.

Description of Location:  Alongside Dyers Dock in Woods Hole, MA

Welcome to the SSV Corwith Cramer!  The students and crew have now merged as one shipboard community.  We are now a compliment of 21 student-crew and 15 professional crew – a full ship’s compliment – our crew for the upcoming voyage.  The students have been given their Watch assignments (Alpha, Bravo and Charlie Watch, or A, B, and C) and at present are getting to know their Mate and Scientist who will introduce them to life aboard the ship.  This evening we will remain comfortably alongside the dock in Woods Hole, MA, allowing us to dive right into the all-important safety training required for new crew members.

Life aboard an SEA ship is always an adventure.  Full of learning opportunities and responsibilities.  Before we depart Woods Hole, each student must learn how to properly wear their safety harness, which allows them to safely deploy scientific equipment and climb into the head rig to furl sails.  Students need to learn about the infamous Boat Check – an hourly walk through of all compartments on the ship to ensure all is well.   Students need to learn how to make detailed weather observations, and how to respond to various emergency scenarios such as fire or abandon ship.

After all this training guess what else is full, their minds, stuffed full of important information!  Some of it will stick, some will be lost during a restful night of sleep.  But these lessons will become second nature as the days at sea go by and the sailing/scientific mission progresses. Soon the students will be seasoned salts speaking a new language and describing the strange customs of the sailing, research vessel SSV Corwith Cramer.

So please stay tuned and follow along in our adventures in the days to come.



Chief Scientist - Jeffrey M. Schell

PS Sweet dreams to my darling rose and love to family and friends back home.

Souls on Board

Whistler B., Student
Cassie D., Student
Cole D., Student
Isabel D., Student
Maddie D., Student
Riley D., Student
Jackson G., Student
Tess G., Student
Emma H., Student
Sophie H., Student
Ryan J., Student
Lily K., Student
Liam M., Student
Paige M., Student
Ian R., Student
Myles S., Student
Tallulah S., Student
Cade W., Student
Noah Y., Student
Madeline Z., Student
Pamela Coughlin, Captain
Johnny Davenport, Chief Mate
Jeremy Lawrence, 2nd Mate
Alasdair/Obie O'Brien, 3rd Mate
Ken Stowe, Engineer
Raechel Zeller, Steward
Sebastian Murray-Brown, Assistant Steward
Jeff Schell, Chief Scientist
Jordan Eckstein, 1st Marine Technician
Nicholas Romano, 2nd Marine Technician
Ali Fox, 3rd Marine Technician
Cassie Ferrante, Deckhand
Maggie Grant, Program Assistant
Hillary McDonald, Program Assistant
Kara Baird, Program Assistant

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