We’re Heading South??

April 9, 2023

Mary, David and Stephen Johnson, #C308-L1


Ship's Log

Noon Position
17 43.123N by 64 53.338W

Weather / Wind / Sail Plan
Sunny, light wind/Depart for Miami this evening

Description of location
Anchored off of Frederiksted, St Croix

Hello from the Cramer!!

We are the Johnsons, 2 alumni (W-71 & C-237) and a mom whose is along for the ride (and gets to write the blog)! We are all thrilled to be on this trip for different reasons; David has wanted to do an alumni sail for years (in a warmer climate than W-71), Stephen gets to sail with his semester captain, Jason Quilter, and I get to see what draws my daughter (Capt Rebecca Johnson) to this life. None of us have been disappointed.

Our cruise track is St. Croix to Miami, but we immediately headed south in search of the Great Atlantic Sargassum Belt (or mat) that the news has been reporting on lately. Chief Scientist Jeff Schell was our enthusiastic leader. Just like the students do, we performed Newston tows and captured the sargassum, sorted and counted it; all part of the ongoing research in which SEA is participating. We had a beautiful full moon last night to light our way, affectionately nicknamed the Sargassum Moon. We did not find the great mat, or float, but we found windrow after windrow of sargassum, much more than in past years, according to Jeff.

Late last night we turned around and headed back to St. Croix, where we are now. Another round of covid tests will hopefully make us a cohort and we can carry on without masks. It is wonderful to be aboard Cramer and participate in this program. Thank you to SEA, Capt. Jason, and the wonderful crew for this incredible opportunity.

Fair Winds,

Mary, David and Stephen Johnson, #C308-L1

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