Whale Watching and Plymouth

July 11, 2022

Gage Webber, Newton North Highschool


Today was quite eventful. I started the day with an early wakeup, some breakfast, and preparing my lunch for the whale watch. After a long bus ride with many bumps, we all made it to the dock where we boarded the boat and prepared to go whale watching. The whale watching was amazing. We saw many pods of humpbacks. Watching the whales spyhopping, diving down, and swimming together was awesome to say the least.

I looked away for a second and missed the breach but besides that the whale watching was great. Afterwards, I got some fried dough and a chocolate milkshake in Plymouth. Then I made my way to the Mayflower reconstruction and was fascinated by the boat and its history. I learned about animals on board, the captain's room, and many other cool facts. After all of this we returned back to SEA and enjoyed the rest of our day.

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