What is Freedom?

April 2, 2024

Author: Eleftheria-Sofia Dragoti, B Watch, College of the Atlantic

1April (jib)small

Watch B taking the cover off the Jib

Ship's Log

Monday, 1 April 2024

Noon Position: 42°57.5’S x  178°26.7’E
Ship Heading (degrees): 060
Ship Speed (knots): 6.5
Taffrail Log (nm): 328.2
Weather / Wind / Sail Plan (from 1300 Watch Change): Stratocumulus, SxE Beaufort 3, Sailing under the four lowers
Description of location: Sailing over the Chatham rise

My answer to this question so far has been freedom is the meaning of my name
(Eleftheria), but today I re-evaluated the meaning of the word freedom.
During our B watch meeting in the bowsprit, Meg motivated us to look around,
take in everything and she said, “This is freedom.”

Is freedom looking at the intersection of sea and sky and seeing nothing
other than albatross flying, B watch observing the seascape with huge
smiles, and A watch having the deck?

Everything in our boat and its surroundings seem to be so quiet and peaceful
and still so loud. The waves are loud, the wind is loud, the engine room is
loud. Still, everything is so quiet at the same time.

Later during our afternoon watch, I did a couple of boat checks and
lookouts. Both seemed loud, quiet and peaceful in their own unique way. When
I was in the engine room as well as up forward for lookout, Meg’s words
where echoing in my ears as the waves, wind and engine sounds were
mesmerizing me. Is this what freedom feels like?

Now I am sitting in the saloon, with a full tummy from the pasta Liam cooked
for us, enjoying the music Meg, Matt, Dewey, Davi, and Liam are playing for
us. Is this what freedom feels like?

A newly formed idea of freedom is to be surrounded by warm-hearted people in
the middle of nowhere and feeling peaceful, calm, and energetic as you ride
the waves in, up forward looking far at the horizon line while having a few
birds for company.

Our S-314 crew is sending a lot of love to our family, friends and beloved
visitors of this blog.

We think of you before we close our eyes for a goodnight sleep, and when we
have a moment to breathe in all the small details of our adventure.

We are all safe and we are all happy. Don’t worry, we will return home safe
and a bit more wise.

Until we see each other again.

Take care,


[Eleftheria-Sofia Dragoti, B Watch, College of the Atlantic]

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  1. Mary OBrien Torres April 2, 2024 at 21:15 - Reply

    Thank you for the beautiful and thoughtful blog entries. Your landlubber families and friends are hanging on every word and living vicariously through you. Enjoy every minute.

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