Where’s the confetti?

February 23, 2023


Feb 23_06 dinner
Feb 23_03 morning surprise

Well well well…. I have been waiting for this!

7am- Yeah you heard me, we slept in today and instead of the usual sunrise/breakfast/wake up, we were able to sleep in to a WHOPPING seven o’clock. The roommates of house Mahini arose in their air conditioned cuddle puddle to some unexpected visitors, cats in the house! Just to be clear, we definitely did not let them in but this is the second time we’ve woken up to them in our house and I petition for adoption. I did however continue my daily routine, and called my parents on the walk down from the bungalows. After we chat for a bit, I always head to the pier for some sun salutations and a quick workout. Today I saw roomies Sophers and Rosie Alaska tanning on the dock. Evan was near the hut playing his guitar, Tuna (Una) was looking at shells on the beach, Chad (Rosie Chater) peeling a coconut, and Mikki and Elliot were sitting on some rocks having a spot of tea. I really enjoy our morning routines, especially my meditations. It reminds me to be present and grateful for the earth around us and all the love and happiness it brings.

At the breakfast hut, we had our usuals and even some special (and very tasty) raisin pancakes. Sharks were spotted in the water too! Nils jumped right in for a closer look and I soon followed off the pier. With today being a free day, everyone went off to do their own thing. Lila and Rosie Alaska tried to schmooze some Berkley kids for a bike, while Ben and Nils went off in a kayak to explore the neighboring work of coral gardener floridian wizard man Mr David Vaughan. A few of us soon shuttled off to the shops for an outing on the town, and came back with some pretty cool matching black pearl jewelry. Coral Boy (Elliot), Rock Girl (Una), Shark Bait (Rea) and Tree Hugger (me!) had to keep up the good vibes in the car on our way to Bunga-go find the rest of our friends. Most definitely pooped, Sophie and I may have ended up napping through lunch.

And what’s a day without another car ride? That's my philosophy anyway because it's my excuse to stick my head out the window and soak in the island air. In a final attempt to secure some ice cream, Jen drove us to the grocery store where I got to say thank you to a local fruit stand owner who gave us some breadfruit to try a few days ago! I think that's been my favorite part of the GUMP journey so far, those chance encounters meeting new people and connecting or just sharing a laugh. When we came back, I found Ro on the dock and she let me borrow her snorkel gear. There were so many moorish idols and damselfish, super duper cool. I think if I was gonna be a fish, it would be seahorse (don't worry it is a fish, I googled it).

Post-swim was looking like the perfect time for a walk, so that's exactly what happened. I have been wanting to stop at another stand off the side of the road that sells ‘Coco Glace’ which I had been interpreting as coconut ice cream, so imagine my surprise when I get handed the biggest coconut known to man that was definitely not full of a sweet treat. It was however filled to the brim with coconut water, so I was stoked and walked over to a small rock path and chugged it all (can't have it spilling!). Between you and me, there (may or may not) have been a drop of said coconut in the midst of a showstopping karaoke performance of Message In The Bottle for some crabs. Unfortunately thoughl, Wabs (Abby) had to leave at the same time and we didn't get to say goodbye.

All is okay though, because at 5pm our little sardine selves are all packed into two cars for a sunset snorkel. There were some CRIOBE researchers there who were installing experiments on coral reefs, some super cute kids playing on the water, and a whole lot of sea urchins. Chad Rosie Ro Chater even fell in love with an octopus. And guess what?! The best thing ever happened and we saw not one, but 2 whole SEA TURTLES in the water! That's definitely going down as the coolest moment in my book.

For dinner, Melina and the crew prepared the most delicious bbq of chicken, steak, mashed potatoes, salad and banana bread. I think dinner is my favorite meal time of all where we get to joke around and talk with everyone about their days. Ending it off, we all went around and said what we were grateful for in this experience. To close our final night at the station, a few of us went in for a dip in the moonlight.

Where’s The Confetti you might ask? Well that is the theme song for today but I think we deserve some celebration for the work we’ve done here in a short time.

See you on the boat baby!


Feb 23_01 house Mahini
Feb 23_05 coconut
Feb 23_04 pearls
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  1. Shawn February 24, 2023 at 13:47 - Reply

    Sounds like a lot of fun. Enjoy

  2. Anonymous March 6, 2023 at 11:13 - Reply

    Miss you, Shay! I can’t wait to hear how it went out at sea!

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