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Blogs from the SSV Corwith Cramer

Welcome to Lunenburg

2023-10-17T14:29:36-05:00October 13, 2023|

Author: Teo R., B Watch Ship's Log Friday, 13 October, 2023Noon Position: 44 22.5N 064 18.6WLog (nm): 658.1Weather: rainingDescription of location: Lunenburg (a sick little town) Today we went to a museum! (The Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic).  It was a little dreary outside but we [...]

Day 9 at sea

2023-10-12T16:46:46-05:00October 12, 2023|

Author: Ryan J. Ship's Log Wednesday, 11 October 2023Noon Position: (Lat and Long):  43° 30.3’N 064° 51.8’WShip Heading (degrees): 080 degreesShip Speed (knots): slowLog (nm): 583nmWeather / Wind / Sail Plan (from 1300 Watch Change):  winds light andvariable, sometimes from the south.  Beam reach, starboard tack 4 [...]

A ‘Day’ in the Life of a Sailor/Scientist

2023-10-12T16:47:29-05:00October 12, 2023|

Author: Cass D. Ship's Log Tuesday, 10 October 2023Noon Position: 41°01.482’N 66°48.830’WHeading: 092°Speed: 4 ktsLog: 476.7 nmWeather: Mostly clear skies, scattered altocumulus. 20°C. Seas 3-4 ft. BeaufortForce 2-3.Sail Plan: Continue eastward to waypoint south of Nova Scotia.Description of location: Gulf of Maine, northwest of Brown’s [...]


2023-10-17T14:10:55-05:00October 12, 2023|

Author: Whistler B., A Watch Ship's Log Thursday, October 12, 2023Noon Position: (Lat and Long):  44° 22.5’N 064° 18.6’WLog (nm):  658.1nmWeather / Wind / Sail Plan (from 1300 Watch Change):  Clear, sunny skies,moderate temps.Description of location: Docked in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia Our first day in Lunenburg! [...]

Four Lowers on the way to Nova Scotia

2023-10-11T09:14:51-05:00October 10, 2023|

Author: Kara Baird ‘20 Ship's Log Monday, October 9th 2023 Noon Position: (Lat and Long): 42°46.905’N X 068°54.749’WShip Heading (degrees): 110°Log (nm): 370.2Weather / Wind / Sail Plan (from 1300 Watch Change): BF 4, SW wind withmain, main stay’sl, fore stay’sl, jib setDescription of location: (e.g. 10 nm SE of [...]

Making way toward Cape Sable waypoint off Nova Scotia

2023-10-10T16:16:53-05:00October 9, 2023|

Author: Chief Scientist Jeff Schell Ship's Log Sunday, 8 October 2023Noon Position: (Lat and Long):  42DEG 35.7'n X 070DEG 40.1'W Ship Heading (degrees):  075 deg Ship Speed (knots):  8 knots Log (nm): 276.1nm Weather /Wind / Sail Plan at 1400:  Winds SSW BF 4, broad reach on starboard tack, Single-reefed mains'l, [...]

Blogs from the SSV Robert C. Seamans

Sunny with fantastic clouds and good vibes!

2023-10-30T10:19:06-05:00October 27, 2023|

Author: Soleil Michaud, University of San Diego Ship's Log October 27, 2023 Time: 17:11Location: ugh… the sea 24° 19.194 ‘S 175° 29.013 ‘EWeather: sunny with fantastic clouds and good vibes What a beautiful day out here on the Bobby C. I am sitting on the starboardside looking [...]

Time is Flying

2023-10-31T15:11:35-05:00October 24, 2023|

Author: Grace Shoemaker, Colorado State University, Fort Collins Ship's Log October 23, 2023Time: 2100Location: 19 45.385 S 175 49.989 EWeather: SE x S winds. F4. Mostly sunny. How can it be that we have only two weeks left at sea? Dropping air temperatures as we edge southward [...]

Songs stuck in my head or sung with others

2023-10-25T12:19:45-05:00October 20, 2023|

Author: Hwan Huh, Boston College Ship's Log October 20, 2023Time: 0739Weather: Sunny and a cool 27C I'm not sure if anyone's written about it but every Saturday(ish) we haveField Day, a day of fun and games for everyone aboard. The games includewiping down toilets and deep [...]

Is that a bird? Or a plane? No it is a flying fish!

2023-10-23T13:57:41-05:00October 19, 2023|

Author: Sophie Strock, Eckerd College Ship's Log Date: 10/19/2023Time: 16:35Location: 13˚ 25.54’ S 176˚ 20.10’ EWeather: Winds from the East, 31 Celsius, clear skies Hi Everyone! This is Sophie once again. I am a student from Eckerd Collegestudying marine biology and I am from Cape Cod, [...]

Swim Calls in Tuvalu!

2023-10-18T15:57:42-05:00October 18, 2023|

Author: Satya Advani, Colorado College Ship's Log Date: October 13, 2023Time: 13:00Location: 8˚  26.343’ S 179˚  09.747’ EWeather: Wind ESE Force 4, 30.5˚  C, Cumulus covering 3/8 of the sky Hi all, Satya here to report on a special segment of life devoted to takingin all [...]

A New Place for SSV Robert C. Seamans

2023-10-23T13:27:49-05:00October 18, 2023|

Author: Caleb Dittmar, Williams College Ship's Log Date: October 18, 2023Time: 10:06 pmLocation: 200nm South of TuvaluWeather: Rolling seas, 6 foot waves and cloudy Last Friday, the Robert C. Seamans and her crew anchored in Tuvalu for thefirst time. No one aboard the ship had ever been [...]

Blogs from the SEA Campus

A Day of Learning

2023-01-25T11:39:38-05:00July 7, 2022|

Lucy Carver - Ida B. Wells High School,  OR Sophie Banks - Needham High School, MA We started our day with an interesting geological oceanography lecture with Dr. Ellie. We discussed the continental margin, island formation processes, formation of atolls, weathering vs erosion, rock and mineral composition, and [...]

Penikese Island and Pirates

2023-01-26T13:15:59-05:00July 6, 2022|

Kat Solomon,  Columbia High School, South Orange, NJ and Oona Spaeth, Hastings High School, Hastings on Hudson, NY Today the second group traveled to Penikese Island. We learned about the history of the island which included a quarantine area for immigrants with leprosy, a school for troubled boys, and now, a [...]

Bens game x Penikese Island

2023-01-26T13:22:34-05:00July 5, 2022|

Sophie Higham - Amherst Regional High School;  Noble De Marco - Swarthmore College; Cate Soergel - International School of Basel (CH) Ben’s Roleplay Pirate Game Today, those who stayed on campus from Penikese island had a full schedule of ocean’s and societies class. Professor Ben lightened the gloomy weather [...]

Fourth of July Blog

2023-01-26T13:18:34-05:00July 4, 2022|

By Carys McGtrory from Rye Neck High School and Anjeli Savajol from Awty International School This morning we had an oceans in society course in which we learned about an introduction to Piracy, and its origins. We went into depth about the severit of the Trans [...]

An Adventure at the Whaling Museum

2023-01-26T13:22:18-05:00June 30, 2022|

Hadley Levcnson - Trinity School & Luka Magder - Harriton High School We took our first field trip today and visited the New Bedford Whaling Museum. We took a guided tour of the multi-story museum and learned about the history of the whaling industry in New England ports. We examined [...]

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