Dr. Craig Marin

Associate Professor of Maritime Studies

PhD, University of Pittsburgh, History, 2007
BA, Carleton College, History, 1993

Research Areas & Interests:

Dr. Marin’s research interests center on runaways, rebels and revolutionaries in the early modern maritime world. Analyzing the words and actions of those radicalized by their mobile lifestyles allows greater insight into the human responses to such foundational events as the development of a slave plantation complex, the rationalization of the market economy, and the creation of transnational movements for independence. This research informs his teaching of historic and modern marine and maritime-related developments—from the extraction of bountiful resources and maximization of profits to the current crisis of sustainability—and people’s endless struggles to adapt to them.

Courses Taught:

Colonization to Conservation in the Caribbean – Marine Environmental History, Maritime History and Culture, Maritime Studies

Ocean Exploration – Maritime Studies

University of Rhode Island, FCCE: History and the Sea, the American Revolution and Confederation: 1763-1789, Introduction to Afro-American History, Creation of the Union: American from 1789-1848, Civil War and Reconstruction

Dr. Craig Marin
Dr. Craig Marin CV

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