SEA has an outstanding and involved faculty with a strong commitment to teaching. These scientists, mariners, and scholars have come to SEA to share their enthusiasm for ocean science, ships, and the sea. SEA faculty respect the value of cooperative learning, which gives our programs a personal quality. These professionals have all worked at sea and understand the challenges and rewards of living in and studying the world offshore.

SEA captains and chief scientists lead the teaching crew on board the vessels. All shipboard staff are chosen for their experience, teaching skills and commitment to SEA’s approach to education. Students work closely with them, learning from each and every member of the crew. The SEA faculty is augmented by visiting scholars and lecturers, who on occasion serve as year-long replacements for faculty members on sabbatical.


  • Dr. Mark H. Long

    Academic Dean


  • Jen Borderud

    Director of Student Services

  • Jess Panton

    Academic Programs Coordinator

  • Abby Elder

    Director of Academic Programs

Maritime Studies/Ocean Policy

  • Ben Kochan

    Visiting Assistant Professor of Maritime Studies

  • Dr. Craig Marin

    Associate Professor of Maritime Studies

  • Dr. Richard King

    Visiting Associate Professor, Maritime History and Literature

  • Dr. Jeffrey Wescott

    Associate Professor of Anthropology and Ocean Policy

  • Erin Bryant, Esq., M.M.A., M.S.Ed.

    Associate Professor of Ocean and Coastal Policy


  • Dr. Sarah Kingston

    Assistant Professor of Oceanography

  • Dr. Kara Lavender Law

    Research Professor of Oceanography

  • Dr. Heather Page

    Assistant Professor of Oceanography

  • Dr. Jeffrey M. Schell

    Professor of Oceanography

  • Dr. Jan Witting

    Professor of Oceanography

Nautical Science

  • Captain Allison Taylor

    Assistant Professor of Nautical Science

  • Captain Rebecca Johnson

  • Captain Sean S. Bercaw, M.M.A.

    Visiting Assistant Professor of Nautical Science

  • Captain Christopher D. Nolan

    Captain, Assistant Professor of Nautical Science, Special Projects