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July 27, 2022
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The Woods Hole Partnership Education Program (PEP), now in its 14th summer, is off to a strong start with the return to in-person learning and research in Woods Hole, thanks in no small part to continued support from participating Woods Hole organizations and private donations.

Local donors include Lawrence-Lynch Corporation, a Falmouth construction firm that renewed its support of this year’s program with a gift that fully funds one PEP student for summer 2022.

Last month 17 students participating in this summer’s program arrived on the Sea Education Association (SEA) campus in Woods Hole.

Created by the Woods Hole Diversity Initiative and the Woods Hole Diversity Advisory Committee in 2009, PEP is a 10-week summer program designed to promote diversity among the Woods Hole science community. Students reside on the SEA campus for the ten-week program, which begins with a 4-week course on climate change.

Coursework is followed by six weeks of research projects mentored by scientists at partner institutions: The Northeast Fisheries Science Center, The United States Geological Survey-Woods Hole, the Marine Biological Laboratory, the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and the Woodwell Climate Research Center, as well as by new supporting institution, the Buzzards Bay Coalition. The program’s academic partner is the University of Maryland Eastern Shore.

“PEP is a truly collaborative program, with support from all six major scientific research and education institutions in Woods Hole and from other local partners including Lawrence Lynch Corporation,” SEA President Peg Brandon said.”

“According to The National Science Foundation only 18% of Ph.D.’s awarded by U.S. institutions are to scientists who identify as a racial or ethnic minority. The ultimate goal is to see the workforce of every industry be representative of the diversity of the population of the United States. The work that PEP is doing effectively creates opportunity to elevate racially diverse students into the world-renowned Woods Hole scientific community, making space in their industry and moving closer towards these goals.

Doing business in Falmouth for 50 years has been rewarding for a multitude of reasons, one of which is the fact that our small community is filled with people, programs, and advocates who make it their business to do great things. Lawrence-Lynch Corporation’s primary donation pillars are education, human rights, and the environment - the PEP program hits all the marks. Our financial support for programs like these is a reflection of the hard work and dedication from our staff and we are very grateful for their efforts,” said Chris Lynch, the company’s owner.

PEP covers all costs for the student participants, including travel, lodging and food, research costs, course tuition, a five day research cruise aboard the SEA vessel Corwith Cramer, and a student stipend on successful completion of the program.

“Full funding for every student is an essential element of the program,” Onjalé Scott Price, PEP co-director said. “PEP is committed to removing barriers to participation in the Woods Hole science adventure.”

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