Dr. Sarah Kingston

Assistant Professor of Oceanography


PhD, Behavior, Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics, University of Maryland

MSc, Marine Biology, The College of Charleston

BA, History, The College of William and Mary

Research Interests:

Using genomic data sets to illuminate fundamental ecological and evolutionary processes in wild populations; adaptive responses to climate change; fisheries and aquaculture in a changing environment; hybrid zones; elucidating the underlying factors driving patterns of biological diversity in wild, non-model systems while remaining on the forefront of genome-scale data collection and computational analysis

Meet Sarah Kingston

February 3, 2022

Research and Teaching Go Hand-in-Hand

SEA recently welcomed Dr. Sarah Kingston to its faculty as assistant professor of oceanography. Sarah begins her SEA career teaching students in the Marine Biodiversity and Conservation program (MBC).

Sarah’s background has prepared her well for the curriculum at SEA. A marine molecular ecologist, Sarah majored in History at the College of William and Mary before getting her Master’s in Marine Biology at the College of Charleston. She earned her PhD in Behavior, Ecology, Evolution and Systematics from the University of Maryland. Read More