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SEA Campus

The Groundwork for Our Excellence at Sea

Sea Education Association’s campus facilities provide our students the essential springboard to their ship-based courses and provide the groundwork for our excellence at sea. Located in the world-renowned scientific community of Woods Hole, MA, SEA’s campus provides students access to collaborations with leading marine, oceanographic, and environmental studies organizations.

As SEA seeks to continue and expand its world-class scientific and sailing education, we invite you to support our Woods Hole campus. Our campus is the jumping-off point of all of our journeys of self-discovery, environmental stewardship, and action.

Consisting of the James L. Madden Center, the administrative building, historic Stone Cottage, and five student cottages, the SEA campus is a vibrant place facilitating community, collaborative learning, shared experience, and personal growth.SEA STUDENTS ON CAMPUS

Our Woods Hole shore facilities need to advance to include new spaces, technologies and information sources to keep pace with the way students prefer to learn, and to continue to keep SEA at the forefront of collaborative learning.

How can you help?
Here are some key projects which have been identified as current campus priorities for the Launching Leaders campaign:

Improve Academic Spaces

  • Modernize laboratory facilities to support current and future course offerings to ensure and expand the labs use as a teaching venue and support faculty and crew professional development
  • Incorporate breakout spaces for small working groups to support our dynamic collaborative learning community

Improve Faculty and Administrative Office Spaces

  • Create a dedicated IT workspace
  • Improve the functionality and appearance of the entrance/reception area
  • Update/modernize the second classroom

Improve Student Cottages
Upgrade infrastructure, bedrooms and bathrooms

Align student housing more closely with current collegiate standards and parent expectations

Facilitate Increased Campus Sustainability

      • Implement campus greening initiatives
      • Consider photovoltaic power generation
      • Improve emergency power capabilities

Build a Multi-Purpose Building

Develop a new multipurpose building, creating additional revenue-generating potential as well as capacity for overflow, maintenance and garage activities

A number of campus naming opportunities are also available.

Please join us in supporting the SEA Campus initiative. Contact Polly Lyman, Director of Development, at plyman@sea.edu or 508-444-1914 should you have any questions or seek more information.

For more information, contact:

Polly Lyman
Director of Development
(508) 444-1914

Robert C Seamans


By maintaining our ships to the highest standards, we provide safe, reliable platforms for life-changing educational experiences and scientific discovery.


Located in the world-renowned scientific community of Woods Hole, SEA’s campus provides access to collaborations with leading scientific organizations.

Class on ship

SEA’s success depends on exceptional scholars who engage one-on-one with students to provide an unparalleled experiential education experience.

Students on small boat

SEA’s sailing programs have inspired more than 10,000 alumni who work in all areas of business, policy, research, education, advocacy, and the maritime fields.

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