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Oceanography in Woods Hole: A Pre-College Experience for High School Students

An academically rigorous three-week program for rising juniors, seniors, and recent high school graduates interested in pursuing oceanography, marine biology, environmental science, or other related disciplines at the undergraduate level.

SEA’s Pre-College: Ocean Sciences is designed as a college level seminar led by SEA’s PhD-level scientists. While learning advanced oceanographic lab and field research techniques, students participating in this program can expect to deepen their understanding of environmental issues and ocean topics such as coastal ecology, climate change mitigation, ocean-climate dynamics, and marine biology 

Summer 2024 Schedule

Session 1: June 24 – July 13, 2024

Location: SEA campus in Woods Hole, MA

Session 2: July 22 – August 10, 2024

Location: SEA campus in Woods Hole, MA

Program cost: $5,750


Academic Coursework

Students will explore how interconnected ocean characteristics (bathymetry, seawater chemistry, biological diversity) and processes (plate tectonics, surface and deep-water circulation, biological production) shape global patterns across multiple scales. Students will discuss environmental topics such as climate change mitigation, ocean policy, marine biodiversity, coastal ecology, and ocean engineering. With over 40 contact hours of official instruction, students will be exposed to college-level lectures, laboratory activities, group discussions, and research projects. Students will strengthen their skills in oceanographic research methods, science communication, critical thinking, data visualization, leadership, and more. Another component of this program is visits to local and world-renowned institutions such as the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, the Marine Biological Lab, and the Woodwell Climate Research Center in Woods Hole. 


Campus Life

Academic programming is based out of SEA’s Madden Center every weekday until 4:00 p.m.; however, students can expect to spend time outdoors conducting field work or visiting a local research institution.  

In the afternoons, students return to their cottage to unwind before dinner and evening activities.  SEA’s cottages accommodate up to 12 students and are supervised by a Program Assistant. In each cottage there are two bathrooms, a living room area and a fully equipped kitchen. Meals are prepared and shared in SEA’s cafeteria-style dining room.  

Evening and weekend activities include study hours, movie nights, art activities, and community building exercises are led by the Program Assistants and overseen by the Program Director. These often involve a game of volleyball or Frisbee, having a little quiet time in their room, a walk or bike ride along Falmouth’s “Shining Sea Bike Path”, or an afternoon swim at one of the local beaches. 


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