SEASCape: Ocean Studies on the Cape






SEASCape: Ocean Studies on the Cape

This two-and-a-half-week summer program at SEA offers current high school students the opportunity to study the marine environment from a variety of perspectives: scientific, historical, literary, and nautical. Participants live and study at our campus in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. Academic programming is scheduled throughout each day, including on most weekend days. Coursework includes lectures, discussions, laboratory activities, and field trips; all introducing students to the study of oceanography, the history of humanity’s relationship with the oceans, and modern maritime issues. Teamwork, leadership, and sense of community are the underlying values of SEA’s academic curriculum. Participants not only grow as students, but as global citizens and individuals.

Summer 2023 Schedule
Session 1: June 26 – July 13, 2023
Location: SEA campus in Woods Hole, MA
Session 2: July 18 – August 4, 2023
Location: SEA campus in Woods Hole, MA

Program Expenses: $5,400

Includes room, board, tuition, lab & book fees.


Academic Coursework

Introduction to Oceanography
Students study marine organisms, marine geology and sediments, ocean circulation, and the chemistry of seawater. Taking full advantage of the local region, the course focuses on the coastal marine environment, with extensive fieldwork conducted in salt marsh and beach environments on Cape Cod. Students collect biological, geological, and physical data in the field, analyze that data in lab, and prepare and present group projects as part of this course.

As students of SEA, there are opportunities to take advantage of the exceptional local research facilities (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Marine Biological Laboratory, U.S. Geological Survey, and National Marine Fisheries), creating an ideal location for student introduction to the exciting field of marine science.

Oceans & Society
Students explore the historical, political, cultural and economic relationships between people and the oceans. Through an introduction to the skills and knowledge used by professional mariners over time, students examine how science and technology have developed both as a requirement for going to sea, and as a result of the maritime experience.

Cape Cod and the surrounding New England coast have a rich heritage as a center for global maritime trade, commercial fisheries, shipbuilding, and naval operations. Today, the region continues to be at the forefront of debates over fisheries management, ocean energy, and coastal development. To understand current issues related to ocean uses and the history of these issues, students will visit maritime museums and local fishing industries, as well as meet with ocean policymakers and professional mariners – all while exploring the region’s extensive maritime culture.

Extracurricular Activities

Leadership Training
Effective skills in leadership, teamwork, and management are essential in school, the workplace, and in dealing successfully with dynamic or unplanned events. This program builds these skills in both academic courses, emphasizing communication, thoughtful participation, and a planned approach to tasks. Students will study events to learn about how human actions affect results, and learn about the effective preparation of materials for presentation to others. Groups will work together to design, plan and execute projects in the field, lab and classroom, and the class will live as a community on the SEA campus for the duration of their time in Woods Hole.

Field Work
This program provides opportunities for field trips to Cape Cod National Seashore, New Bedford Whaling Museum and fishing industry, various labs and research facilities located in Woods Hole, New England Aquarium, local salt marshes and others. Students will be off campus for hands on interaction with their course work and with the science community several times a week.  * Field trips and activities are dependent on COVID protocols and restrictions.


Campus Life

Students live in cottages on SEA’s campus. While the cottages are co-ed, students are assigned to single-sex rooms and have single-sex bathrooms. Each cottage is closely supervised by an adult Resident Advisor who lives with them on campus and who also serves as a Teaching Assistant. Life in each cottage revolves around its common/dining area, where students help prepare meals, share cleaning duties and live in community with one other. The food is excellent and plentiful. After dinner, there is an evening activity, followed by quiet time for study and using the library, student lounge, and computer facilities. This environment is conducive to the underlying goals of teamwork and community building.

The resident advisors lead evening and weekend activities. These activities may include team-building workshops, special evening musical entertainment, and movie nights and getting off campus to participate in local summer activities. Students often join together to play volleyball, soccer, and Frisbee on campus. They may also have the opportunity to explore the local bike path, walking trails, and beaches around campus with the supervision of their resident advisors. Together with the many field activities planned as part of the academic program, the students will have many opportunities to explore various parts of Cape Cod and experience a ‘summer on the Cape.’


Parent Testimonials

“She had a great time, learned a great deal, and the experience has solidified her choice to pursue marine sciences. I do hope she has the opportunity to participate in one of your other programs in the future! Thank you sincerely!” – SEASCape Parent

“By the end of the three weeks, [she] was devastated at the idea of leaving the program. She has been teary-eyed since arriving home as she misses everything about SEASCape! [She] really came home a new person.  She looks at life differently and this program expanded her horizons in an indescribable way. Thank you again to you and your staff for being amazing people, doing amazing things and changing lives!” – SEASCape Parent

“Wanted to thank each one of one for the caring expertise you shared with the group! [He] came back excited, more mature and self confident. He truly had a fantastic academic and social experience!” – SEASCape Parent

“Our daughter’s summer experience with SEA was instrumental in her choice of university programs. And, because of that solid, beautiful launch she went on to pursue her passion, graduated from Marine Biology and researches on the west coast. Congrats SEA on a great program!!” – SEA Parent

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