SEASCape: Ocean Studies on the Cape






SEASCape: Ocean Studies on the Cape

A two-and-a-half-week summer program at Sea Education Association providing current high school students the opportunity to explore coastal and offshore marine environments around Cape Cod, both scientifically and culturally.  

Divided into two major themes, “Introduction to Oceanography” and “Oceans and Society,” students participating in SEASCape will not only conduct fieldwork throughout Cape Cod’s diverse environment but will also explore the rich heritage of Cape Cod as a center for global maritime trade, commercial fisheries, shipbuilding, and naval operations. Through daily weekday lectures and discussions, laboratory activities, field trips, and group projects, students are immersed into a hands-on learning experience strengthening their understanding of marine issues, the value of community, and leadership skills. 

Summer 2024 Schedule

Session 1: June 24 – July 12, 2024
Location: SEA campus in Woods Hole, MA

Session 2: July 22 – August 9, 2024
Location: SEA campus in Woods Hole, MA

Program cost: $5,550

Life on Campus

Academic programming is based out of SEA’s Madden Center every weekday until 4:00 p.m.; however, students can expect to spend a large amount of time outdoors conducting field work or visiting a local research institution.  

In the afternoons, students return to their cottage to unwind before dinner and evening activities. SEA’s cottages accommodate up to 12 students and are supervised by a Program Assistant. In each cottage there are two bathrooms, a living room area and a fully equipped kitchen. Meals are prepared and shared in SEA’s cafeteria-style dining room.  

Evening and weekend activities include study hours, movie nights, art activities, and community building exercises are led by the Program Assistants and overseen by the Program Director. These often involve a game of volleyball or Frisbee, having a little quiet time in their room, a walk or bike ride along Falmouth’s “Shining Sea Bike Path”, or an afternoon swim at one of the local beaches. 


Academic Coursework

Students study marine organisms, marine geology and sediments, ocean circulation, and the chemistry of seawater. Taking full advantage of the local region, the course focuses on the coastal marine environment, with extensive fieldwork conducted in salt marsh and beach environments on Cape Cod. Students collect biological, geological, and physical data in the field, analyze that data in lab, and prepare and present group projects as part of this course. 

As students of SEA, there are opportunities to take advantage of the exceptional local research facilities (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Marine Biological Laboratory, U.S. Geological Survey, and National Marine Fisheries), creating an ideal location for student introduction to the exciting field of marine science. 

Students explore the historical, political, cultural and economic relationships between people and the oceans. Through an introduction to the skills and knowledge used by professional mariners over time, students examine how science and technology have developed both as a requirement for going to sea, and as a result of maritime experience. 

Today, Cape Cod continues to be at the forefront of debates over fisheries management, ocean energy, and coastal development. To understand current issues related to ocean uses, students will visit maritime museums and local fishing industries, as well as meet with ocean policymakers and professional mariners – all while exploring the region’s extensive maritime culture. 


Parent Testimonials

“She had a great time, learned a great deal, and the experience has solidified her choice to pursue marine sciences. I do hope she has the opportunity to participate in one of your other programs in the future! Thank you sincerely!” – SEASCape Parent

“By the end of the three weeks, [she] was devastated at the idea of leaving the program. She has been teary-eyed since arriving home as she misses everything about SEASCape! [She] really came home a new person.  She looks at life differently and this program expanded her horizons in an indescribable way. Thank you again to you and your staff for being amazing people, doing amazing things and changing lives!” – SEASCape Parent

“Wanted to thank each one of one for the caring expertise you shared with the group! [He] came back excited, more mature and self confident. He truly had a fantastic academic and social experience!” – SEASCape Parent

“Our daughter’s summer experience with SEA was instrumental in her choice of university programs. And, because of that solid, beautiful launch she went on to pursue her passion, graduated from Marine Biology and researches on the west coast. Congrats SEA on a great program!!” – SEA Parent


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