A Day Full of Stars

March 11, 2023

Rosie (Chad) Chater

Nothing below us but blue

Nothing below us but blue

Ship's Log

Noon Position
9°00.613’S x 140°20.773’W

Ship Heading & Speed
220 degrees at 8.3 knots

Log (nm)

Weather / Wind / Sail Plan (from 1300 Watch Change)
Flat calm, quiet seas from the southwest, BF 1, motor sailing under the fore statys’l and main stays’l

Description of location
~500 miles from point C (Rangiroa)

Souls on Board

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Oh my days, what a day! Bright and early this morning we departed our sweet anchorage in Nuka Hiva. The manta rays waved goodbye as we motored out to sea. We were met with an ominously calm, glassy open ocean. It was flat and smooth like an oil slick, and not a breath of wind to push us on our way.

So, as it goes, we cranked up the old Bobby C motor and gurgled on at a whopping 8 kts. Now that’ll put some wind in your hair!

I had the morning off, so I slept through breakfast, which I later learned to regret as it was a smorgasbord of fresh Marquesan fruit: mangoes, passionfruit, guava, pamplemousse, dragon fruit, you name it—I missed it.

RIP I guess, but I did. Probably dreaming of something weird like sleeping on a bed full of shrimp, but who really knows? The sound of the old stays’ls ascending woke me up, but I think I drifted off again. Anyways—I got up at some point, probably around 8, stepped on deck and felt the smack of the sun on my skin. This is no winter in New England after all, and I quickly ducked below for my shades and some sunscreen.

The rest of my morning consisted of laundry, finishing my coconut spoon, and meticulously drawing the pinrails of our lady Robert because by the grace of the sea I WILL MEMORIZE EVERY LINE ABOARD. My watch began with a most excellent surprise: an orca!! As B watch was finishing up their rotation around 12:50, Shay at the bow called out a strangely large fin, and lo and behold, an orca pots his merry little melon out of the sparkling blue! A cutie, he was, I would definitely say he wanted his cheeks wubbed 🙂 What is an orca doing roughly 10 miles south of Nuka Hiva on a Saturday afternoon this time of year you ask? No idea, but he checked out the Beefy Bobs and went on his slippery way. Safe travels to wherever you’re off to little (big) friend!

Orca Friend!

Orca Friend!

My watch started the same way it ended: with a whole lotta dishes. I guess you could say they really dished it out to me today. There I was, sweating and toiling in the galley, then what do ya know, a sneaky Sarah Charlie from Kevo! (that’s a swim call for all of you following along back home) Pool’s open! But pool’s ~4km of Pacific blue. Nevertheless, our fearless crew leapt from the bowsprit and splashed about like it was any other pool. I do have to say I will be adding it to the list of coolest things I’ve ever done.

It’s pretty coconuts to see the hull of your ship and beams of light stretching down into the sea for meters on meters. Kinda makes you feel like a silly little dot in the middle of this vast world. Not only was the water super deep, but it was also clear as glass. I donned my fins and goggles for some stellar views, looking around in this French ultramarine oil paint was just bananas. Short and sweet though she was, that was the best swim I think I’ve ever had. Thankyou Kevo!!

Watch tottled on, then came class. Shay gave us a little song about points of sail, and the engineering team gave a presentation on the famous trio of TPPEEPEEPOO Triangle. It’s not really a blog topic, but it’s a magical triangle you should all know and love, and as the kids say, “wastewater, why waste water?”

We finished up class with a line chase. This was the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Not really, but it was the ultimate test of line knowledge, saltwater squirtgunners don’t play around.

The sun set spilling some brilliant reds into the sea. I want to give a shout-out to Dr. Mix, who taught me to chirp like a sparrow during this radiant display of day’s end. I will be annoying the ship for the rest of the voyage now. Back to the galley it was, then sweat until dinner, which was bagels! Boy oh boy was that a treat. After dinner, the most spectacular show of stars set in across the sky. Our sweet moon was taking her time tonight, so we got an extra dark sky full of little air holes in our container (you know, so we can breathe). Kevo and Nate shared some of their expertise about constellations while I stared into the abyss. Sometimes I like to imagine that I’m staring down, and I’m floating above the sea of stars. I guess it’s kinda true, there really isn’t “up” or “down” once you’re really out there. And out at sea, you are pretty out there.

But all good things come to an end, and so must my blog, for I have morning watch and my bunk is calling. The moon has risen and it’s her time to be awake.

Goodnight moon, goodnight stars,

Goodnight Venus and goodnight Mars.

Goodnight Nuka Hiva, goodnight ostracods, Goodnight Bobby C, and goodnight Blog <3

P.S. Snarah I spoke French while hitchihiking in Nuka Hiva, you would be so proud of me. Love, miss, and smell you  from here 🙂 Also Mom I’m a surfer now.

Happiest of Days. Rosie (Chad) Chater

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