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April 15, 2021

Martha Stevens, B-watch, KULeuven (Belgium)

What a lot of our time on board has looked like up until now: receiving and processing a lot of new information

What a lot of our time on board has looked like up until now: receiving and processing a lot of new information

Ship's Log

Noon Position
Alongside the University of South Florida Marine Science Center dock.

Weather / Wind / Sail Plan
Wind is coming from the south at a Beaufort force of about 3

Description of location
A busy little part of Tampa Bay, various boats both commercial and recreational going by and giving us a wave.  But we are happy in our COVID free bubble on the Cramer.

Souls on Board

Welcome on another busy day aboard the Corwith Cramer, where we are preparing to leave the dock! We spent all morning learning about the safety gear on board, as well as our responsibilities in case of an emergency. All watch groups have a task to focus on, A-watch, for example, is in charge off the water hoses. They even got to take them out for a test run, a very refreshing activity in this Florida heat. Some people get their own personal task as well. This means that in case of emergency, I will have to make sure everyone from B-watch is up on deck and Kayla will always be at the helm. Once everyone was acquainted with their tasks, we did several emergency drills for different scenarios. Apparently this will become a weekly routine, better safe than sorry!

Those who did not get a chance to climb into the rigging yesterday got their shot today. Ari definitely seems to have enjoyed her time up there!

After lunch (Taco Thursday!) it was time for all students to present their research projects to the mates and assistant scientists. Each group made a poster about their project and gave a brief introduction to their topic and research plans in the field. Thanks to Kayla, Nathalie and Lydia, we will all get to look out for whales and dolphins, since they will be studying marine mammals along our cruise track. They are very excited about their research and claim they want to be woken up at any time of day or night if someone spots a whale. Eva and Fiona on the other hand, are focusing on something else entirely: rocks! They will be looking at the sediment on the bottom of the Atlantic. They are equally passionate about their subject, but would like for the others to let them have their sleep and notify them of any interesting rocks once they wake up.

 Fiona, with Natalie's assistance, gets practice with the fire hose.

Fiona, with Natalie's assistance, gets practice with the fire hose.

With our research projects ready to go and all of the safety gear in mind, we look forward to tomorrow, when we will leave the dock and start sailing towards the Gulf of Mexico!

- Martha Stevens, B-watch, KULeuven (Belgium)

PS: Gelukkige verjaardag papa! Beter laat dan nooit toch? En groetjes aan iedereen die meeleest uit Meerhout en omstreken!

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