An Adventure at the Whaling Museum

June 30, 2022

Hadley Levcnson – Trinity School &
Luka Magder – Harriton High School

7-1-2022SNAG- 0003
7-1-2022SNAG- 0000

We took our first field trip today and visited the New Bedford Whaling Museum. We took a guided tour of the multi-story museum and learned about the history of the whaling industry in New England ports. We examined Indigenous culture and impact on the surrounding environment, as well as the ways that Native Americans used multiple parts of the whale out of respect, not just for commercial gain.

After a sandwich lunch, we took a walking tour and explored New Bedford historical landmarks, like the historic waterfront, the port’s hurricane barrier, and the Seamen’s Bethel church, the latter of which Herman Melville mentioned in Moby Dick. After free time and delicious burrito bowls, we watched In the Heart of the Sea to finish up our whale-themed day. Overall, we enjoyed the unique experience of exploring all of the whaling history that New Bedford has to offer!

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