Anchored in Casco Bay, Maine (Avoiding Tropical Storm Elsa)

July 10, 2021

Lauren Baker & Ellie Streeper, Mountainside High School & Needham High School

Hauling in the neutering net and finding out what we caught

Hauling in the neutering net and finding out what we caught

Ship's Log



Cold, windy and rainy

Souls on Board

Starting at 1:00am today, B watch switched off with C watch for the first night watches of the trip! B watch saw some bioluminescent plankton earlier in the night, which they collected with the Neuston tow. C watch helped process the tow and bravely stood watch through a squall at 2:00am!

Taking ocean samples.

Taking ocean samples.

A watch went on after breakfast at 7:00am and also bravely stood watch through a squall! B and C watch were in bed, catching up on some sleep, while A watch got soaked.

Later in the day, around 1:00pm, we anchored in Casco Bay and mainly stayed below deck due to the rain and wind. But that didn't stop the fun! The afternoon was comprised of board games, water coloring, and a science Q&A with Jan.

Then we had a science class with Jan and Jordan going over how to measure chlorophyll-a using fluorescence. After that, we had a rousing game of salad bowl, which is like charades but we wrote the prompts. Prompt highlights included copepods, Chris's sock, multiverse theory, and the inevitable abyss of death. Then we had dinner and now we're going to watch Frozen in honor of tropical storm Elsa!!! Have a great night!

- Lauren Baker, Mountainside High School
- Ellie Streeper, Needham High School

PS: Mom, Dad, Madison, fur babies, I love you!!! I'm having an awesome time and doing some super cool things. I saw a whale (part of one)! I can't wait to get home and tell you guys all about it. Loves, Lauren

Hi Mom, Dad, Izzy, and Rhino! I love you and miss you all! I'm having a great time and can't wait to tell you all about it! Love, Ellie

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