Good Times Aboard Cramer

October 19, 2023

Author: Cole J., A Watch

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Good Times on the Boat

Ship's Log

Tuesday October 17 2023Noon Position: Lat: 42deg 05.17 N  x Long: 64deg 16.56 WShip Heading: 180degShip Speed: 7.5 ktsLog: 803.9NMWeather: windy and cold, chance of rain / Wind: 16ktsDescription of location: South Of Nova Scotia

When someone asks you what you did today you usually start with when I wokeup I did this, but I did not wake up, I was already awake. At 0000 thescience team, which consisted of Whistler, Jordan, and I (What a squad)finished analyzing Chlorophyll-A and started processing seaweed. That isjust a few of the things we do in the lab. After getting relived by B-Watchat 0100 I was conked out until breakfast at 0700. I woke up to some mad goodpancakes and then took a nap right after until watch meeting at 1100. We hadjust recently switched watch officers and It was a good chance to finallyget to know them on a personal level. After watch meeting we haD somedowntime until lunch, where we played spit, which is our groups favoritecard game. Then we had lunch at 1220 and watch at 1300. Watch was what youcall a hectic watch. We did a lot of sail handling during class which madein it feel like a crazy watch. We started watch heading in the wrongdirection but after class we jibed and quickly got back on course steering190 degrees Compass to get us to Bermuda. Today was good, a little rain hereand there but overall one for the books. And the lasagna oh man, after along hard watch it was really what I needed. Best meal so far, but not asgood as yours, mom, don't worry. Thanks Tess and the galley crew for a bussymeal.Although it's only been two weeks I would say I have made memories of a lifetime, whether its sailing while the sun is rising or playing card games inthe salon, or vlogging in the streets of Luneburg, or playing hangman andWordle during times when we shouldn't be, it has been the quite theexperience and I would have to say that although times can be rough aboardthe Cramer I am super grateful for this experience and cannot wait tocontinue sailing with this group of people to Bermuda.

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