Good times at SEA

August 3, 2022

Solange Gerdeman

We woke a half an hour earlier than normal—7:30 instead of 8—to prepare for our field trip to the Woods Hole Oceanagraphic Institute Marine Biological Laboratory. We were to meet with Molly, a marine engineer at the Institute. Our breakfast was the same as usual: a smorsgasbord of breakfast foods like cereal, yogurt, bagels, and the ilk. After we packed, we drove over to MBL for our field trip. There, Molly showed us a variety of ROV (remote operated vehicles) and AUV (automated operated vehicle), including Jason, the ROV that discovered the wreckage of the Titantic. Molly also introduced us to cutting edge research. Marine science is undergoing a massive technological revolution, and Molly, along with all the folks at WHOI and MBL are a part of that.

After her introductory presentation, Molly led us to MBL’s working lab where we got to see scientists and engineers at work. The lab was filled with laser cutters, 3D printers, and other cutting edge machinery. There, we were given keychains that were laser cut right before our eyes. It was amazing and revolutionary to see researchers at work! After a short lunch break, we had the privilege and opportunity to drive (using an XBox controller) an actual ROV in its test tank. We could see ourselves through the ROV’s camera, as if we ourselves were the fish. It was the highlight of our day!

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