It’s another fantastic day aboard the Robert C. Seamans!

July 12, 2023

Thomas Devereux, Medical Officer & Deckhand

Taking a break from watch, the lab, and our academics by swimming off the side of the ship in waters more than 5,000 meters deep!

Ship's Log

1°37.3’ N 175°28.5’ W


Easterly winds, 10-15 knots, sunny day with cumulus clouds all around

Souls on Board

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I'm Thomas Devereux. Having served in my role as the program assistant in Woods Hole, now I'm onboard as medical officer and deckhand.  A-watch began the day twice before we even ended our watch. We crossed back into the US EEZ and with that we change our clocks once more. So when the clock struck 0100 we changed the ship’s time to 0000, thereby starting our day for a “second” time. At the brand new 0030, A-watch was stood down and went to our bunks for some much needed sleep.Our next watch, and the “third” start to our day, began at 1300. Once we had finished our lunch, we arrived on deck to be greeted by a wonderfully sunny day. We jumped right into our normal watch duties of lab work, chores, boat checks and weather, lookout, and helm. About an hour into our watch we got the order to set the jib! We sent word to those in the lab to lend us a hand on deck, and then got to work. In a few moments we had our jib set and trimmed.No more than 10 minutes after setting the jib we heard someone below deck calling out. “Fire! Fire!.....This is a drill!” The whole ship immediately erupted into an organized chaos of people moving to their muster stations and carrying out their emergency duties. B-watch had the task of striking the jib that A-watch had so proudly set just moments before. Before long, the Seamans crew had our simulated fire under control, and we all mustered on the quarterdeck to discuss the drill and then return to our normal watch routine. But to our surprise we would not be going back to our watch stations just yet! The time so many aboard have been waiting for had finally arrived. It was time for SWIM CALL!!With the ship already hove to for the drill and the conditions tame, it was perfect timing for us to finally dip our toes into 5500-some-odd-meter deep water that surrounds our floating home. The water was the perfect temperature. Fun was had by all! Many of us jumped from the bowsprit, including the Captain, some from the cap rail, while others took the ladder into the ocean below. We even tossed a ball around for a while! Close to an hour later the pool was closed, and it was time to continue on our way. Most of us used this as a chance for a shower and soaped up before rinsing ourselves off with fresh water. A-watch made their way back to our positions and things slowly went back to our normal schedule. Overall it was a great day.

Caleb Fineske, Middlebury College, leaping off the bowsprit.

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  1. Maya Gabelberger July 20, 2023 at 21:04 - Reply

    WHOA! That’s a cool picture of Caleb leaping and also the “swimming pool” and what a fun day and fun read about your day! Wow, fire drill! Wow, soaping on deck! This is just the most amazing experience ya’ll are having. Holy Mackerel! Oh and I realized that my child is going to come home continuing to speak a language that I am never going to understand, like you all do! But I LOVE that 🙂 Thank you!

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