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November 10, 2020

Elijah S. Greiner, B Watch, Sewanee: The University of the South

Just look at those sails! This has got to be just about the coolest thing there is on the high seas!

Just look at those sails! This has got to be just about the coolest thing there is on the high seas!

Ship's Log

Present Location
21° 30.6’ N x 075° 49.3’ W

Ship’s Heading, Speed and Sail plan
Sailing 3 knots heading on a course of 280° PSC under the Mains’l, Mainstays’l, Fisherman Tops’l, Forestays’l, Tops’l, and Raffee.

Sou’westerly winds at a Beaufort force of 2; Calm seas; Bright and sunny; Temperature 33° C.

Souls on Board

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Dear loyal readers,

I’ve no doubt that these regular blog updates help wonders to ease the mind and soul of friends and relatives with loved ones aboard ship. So y’all will be glad to hear that everyone aboard is safe, happy, and healthy! I must admit though, I was hoping to give a little scare in this blog post.

In truth the Bermuda Triangle has really not been all it’s cracked up to be. Sure, we entered the Triangle weeks ago and have yet to find our way out, but aside from midnight-snack-brownies and my oceanography homework nothing has miraculously disappeared! Naturally, our compass and GPS have been a little wonky since we crossed south of Bermuda, but that has allowed us all to get a lot of practice in with celestial navigation.

No, all in all the Bermuda Triangle is not half as bad as the legends make it seem. And once we find our way out, we’ll be able to give an E.T.A. for Key West (Shoot! that was a poor choice of words… Forget I said that. We are actually keeping a very close eye on Hurricane Eta, trust me. Everything is under control – Jeez am I digging myself a hole, I better just stop talking)

- Elijah S Greiner, Sewanee: The University of the South C’22


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