Settling In

April 1, 2019

Betsy Stevens, Voyager, C watch, Science Instructor, Phillips Exeter Academy

Hauling on the main halyard.

Hauling on the main halyard.

Ship's Log

Current Position
12 nm NNE of Eleuthra Island, Bahamas

Course & Speed
60 degrees at 6 knots

Sail Plan
Reefed main, Main Staysail, Forestaysail

Clear, light south wind

Souls on Board

I can't believe we've only been at sea for three days! It seems like we've been out here a week already. I know it has been three days, because I got to take my first shower today-a bit of a celebration! We've been fortunate to have calm seas and a light breeze keeping the stomachs of those of us who are green relatively quiet. We are expecting some rougher weather over the next couple of days from a cold front moving through. Captain has us moving east quickly to avoid the effects of a low-pressure system that is generating some hurricane force winds.

We're settling into the rhythm of days at sea. I remember enjoying the orderliness of life at sea on my previous voyage on the Westward in 1985, everyone pitching in to do their part to keep the ship clean and running smoothly. I only wish my brain was twenty years old again, so I could remember where all the lines are, and where all the gauges are that I need to check during the engine room portion of the hourly boat
check. I'm so appreciative of the amazing, professional, staff. They are so knowledgeable, patient, and encouraging as I stumble through learning everything we need to know. For example, Rocky, the third mate did not bat an eye when I came to him claiming the engine oil pressure was at 0 psi. "Well," he said," that's because the engine isn't on!" Woops.

It's so great to be back aboard again!

Hi Chupy! Hi Amiga! oh yah, Hi Carlos, Henry, and Lucas Thinking of you all!!!

- Betsy Stevens, Voyager, C watch, Science Instructor, Phillips Exeter Academy

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