1000 Nautical Miles!

December 8, 2023

Author: Piper Nichols, Boston College


Ship's Log

9 December 2023Current Position: 38? 32.431'S, 178 38.253'EShip's Heading & Speed: 5.6 knots; 080? trueWeather: Sunny, warm, seas 2-3 feet.

Hi ho!C Watch got the pleasure of being woken up at 0100 for dawn watch, and oh what a pleasure it was! Though dawn watch sounds like it might be the most miserable six hours, I find it to be my favorite. The boat is quiet and the sea and sky are only there for you. Dawn watch can often be a time when we struggle to keep our eyes open, but this was not the case last night because all of our eyes were looking up at the clear night sky, scattered with more stars than we had ever seen. We took a few moments to lay down on the deck and gaze in silence. There's something about looking at stars while on your back that makes them so much more wonderful. The nice thing about stars is that it is nearly impossible to take a worthwhile photo of them, so you're forced to enjoy them in the moment and can only share their magic with the people around you.It felt as though the moon had only been up for a few minutes when the sun began to illuminate the sky. The stars began to fade and in their place, came the soft pinks and yellows of the sunrise. We all decided that another quiet moment of appreciation was necessary, so we once again gathered quietly with our tea and waited for the sun to make its appearance. The sun took it's time greeting the horizon, but we were still entertained by the albatross that gracefully soared along the grand yet gentle swells and the mola mola (ocean sunfish) that popped its head up to say hello.Later in the afternoon came field day, a weekly tradition of deep cleaning every nook and cranny of the Seamans. It is a day powered by candy and music. More specifically, Werther's Originals and early 2000's pop. Everyone has their own individual job, from scrubbing bulkheads to cleaning the science equipment, but we all have the same goal: get it done. It's organized chaos, much like most functions on the boat.And then we continued sailing. Business as usual, just a little cleaner now.Toodaloo,Piper Winslow NicholsBoston CollegeC WatchP.S Happy birthday Dad! Cheers! We've seen lots of mollyhawks here today- they make me think of Nanni and Poppy and all you guys.

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