Allure of the sea

June 16, 2018

Ziyad Johnstone, A Watch, Saint John’s College


Ship's Log

Current Position
Lat 8° 56.25’N Lon 155°31.14’W

Ship’s Heading & Speed:
6.1kn, 320° NWxN

Sail Plan
Sailing to Molokai

Mostly cloudy, slight rain and some sunshine around noon

Souls on Board

Today I sought solitude with the intention of seeing where my thoughts might lead. I climbed atop where the sails were only an arm's length away. I sat there and took in the imagery of the ocean, letting the boat rock me from side to side. My thoughts rested on home. The sun's beaming light and the consistent heat reminded me of what it's like back home. I closed my eyes and saw my family's smiles, which filled me with a new-found confidence that I never knew was there. Up above I could look down my crewmates' hurried steps and distant calls to haul the lines. I once looked at the sails as I would a chore: something that needed to be worked on when I didn't want to.

Though now I hear my family's voices in the winds that fill my sails. Each bead of sweat that runs down my chin is spent towards making it back on time. I'm excited to get back, yet part of me never wants this voyage to end.

I also spent some time on writing a poem with the intention of sharing it, of course.

I had no clue
How the sky and sea
Would be painted a brilliant blue
Yet the ocean's swells
Ring us like bells
As the winds sing and roar
Its beauty strikes me like thunder
Sounds so fearful, yet calm and cheerful Though the allure of the sea Hides a looming danger I can't help but feel like no stranger As though its hold has me

- Ziyad Johnstone, A Watch, Saint John's College

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