Another Beautiful Day in Heavy Weather

October 26, 2023

Author: Cade W., C Watch

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Blue water and big smiles

Ship's Log

Thursday, October, 26, 2023Partially cloudy, Force 6-7 wind, Sailing under the staysails and the main on a starboard tackSargasso Sea

It's hard to encapsulate a day on the Cramer because everyone's day isalways so different, but I will describe how my day went today and hope thatwill give you a good idea of what it was like living onboard for a day. Mywakeup was at 06:00 for my 06:20 breakfast and 07:00 watch. I got out of bedand ate some biscuits made by the stews with some peanut butter. I went ondeck at 06:50 for watch turnover. We are currently in our Junior WatchOfficer phase and I was the first one.

I controlled the rotation on deck to make sure everyone did every role and wasn't in the same place for too long.I also briefed the captain on our plan for the day and learned a lot abouthow running a watch works. Towards the end of my time on JWO, I called asailing maneuver called gybing. It was intimidating at first but I got thehang of it quickly and became more confident. Lily was the next JWO afterme, so I gave her an update and she took control. She did a very good jobrunning the rotation and also walked us through a gybe. It was cool to beable to learn from not only my officers, but my classmates as well. Afterwatch we ate some delicious rice bowls for lunch. I did some journaling andwas able to talk with friends and relax for a few minutes before class. Thebell rang for ship's meeting at 14:15 and we were all on deck at 14:30. Wedid our science, weather, and navigation reports for the day. Because I wason morning watch, I presented the navigation report with Lily.

After reports and announcements, we had some study hall time for class. This was a nicetime to be able to catch up on work I was behind on because of our busyschedule. After class, we had a lemon cake for Riley's 18th birthday that wecalled the "Starboard Tack Cake" because it was slanted in the oven andbaked crooked.  It was still delicious though. We all sang happy birthdayand celebrated her milestone. Happy Birthday Riley!!!

I went on deck for a while to get some fresh air and look at the waves. I was feeling good todaybut this is definitely the best cure for seasickness. It's truly a bondingexperience to sit on the deck boxes with someone and look at the horizon. Itook a nap before dinner, a vital part of life on a ship. I woke up fordinner and ate some amazing homemade mac and cheese with peas, such a greatway to end the day. I helped clean up and hung out in the main salon untilaround 19:45. I'm staying up a little too late to be on dawn watch, but it'salways so fun to have some laughs in the salon before going to sleep. Well,goodnight, I have dawn watch wakeups at 00:30 so I gotta get to sleep.P.S. Hi Mom, Dad, Callie, and Bob!!! I miss you all so much! See you soonenough. Love you! (Pet the animals for me).

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