Field Day and A Day Out on the Town.

October 14, 2023

Author: Sophie H., A Watch


Ship's Log

Saturday, October 14, 2023Noon Position: 44°22.5’N 064° 18.6’WLog (nm): 658.1Weather / Wind / Sail Plan: Sunny/cloudy, some rain clouds, making it alittle chilly.Description of location: Lunenburg, a really cute and small town. Looks likea little European town. It’s a really cool town, and I highly recommend it.

Today was a really cool day. We got to experience this really cool thing called field day. When you hear the word field day, you might think about playing capture the flag or any field games, but not on a ship. Field day is where everyone comes together to clean the entire boat. Not just a simple clean, I mean getting down and dirty in every little crease. You might think that will take you all day and will not be much fun, but it was a lot of fun.

I am on A-watch, which was in charge of cleaning the galley. We had music playing so loud and were jamming out. It took no time. We also did fire lines, where we make this huge line of people and pass everything from the galley up onto deck, for people to go through and clean. A watch did a really good job of getting everything cleaned and having a concert at the same time. After we were done cleaning, we had lunch.

Then, we had a meeting on the quarter deck (the aft most part of the deck). Everyone got together and talked about the weather, class, announcements, etc. Today we got to hear from Captain Coughlin, Jeff (our chief scientist) and Johnny (the first mate). Johnny started us off with how great we did in cleaning the boat and how we did a great job. Then, we heard from Captain saying that she had some news about the weather and our departure from Nova Scotia. The weather reports show that we could be in waves over 30ft and winds over 50 knots. She decided that we should stay, let the storm pass on by and hope to sneak out Monday morning. We were all happy and sad. We were happy because we love Nova Scotia and we get to spend more time here but we are also sad because we want to go to Bermuda.

After the meeting, we got to go into town all day today and it was so much fun. We all stated our day off with going to thethrift store and trying clothes on. Then, we all went to go get the first ice cream of the day. Then, we went to so many more stores until we could drop with exhaustion. Finally, we decided were we all wanted to go for dinner and we split up to go to different restaurants. My group had really good pizzas and salads and the other group got seafood. After we all finished dinner, we met up again in town and got the second ice cream of the day. After ice cream, we came back to the boat for the night. Now that we are in Lunenburg for a few more days, you will get to hear from a few other people and what they think of Lunenburg.

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