Hoppy Leap Day to All Those Who Observe!

March 4, 2024

Author: Katherine Rigney, Marine Tech


Ship's Log

February 29, 2024Position: Anchored in Wellington HarbourShip's heading and speed: Not movingWeather: All of them

On leap day, we get a whole extra day of this year. That's rare! Except notwhen you keep crossing the international date line all the time. But ingeneral, this kind of time travel is a pretty sweet deal. Here are somethoughts I've had today, while enjoying a free gimme day from the universe:-         If I was a frog, I think I would basically have loved thismorning. It was dreary and wet, both from the top (rain) and the sides (seaspray). The only real big issue for a frog would have been the wind. When Awatch (my watch-amphibian watch?) took the watch at 0700, the wind was aconsistent force 6, which would have been plenty to really knock around asmallish frog. If I were a frog in that kind of wind, I'd have to crouchdown real low and stay close to the deck. It would be VERY hard to controlthe helm. I would have to ask for help.-         I think the engine room would be very frightening if I was a frog.There are many small holes to fall in, and hot moving pieces shaking. Dofrogs have sensitive ears? We would need to make a small set of frog-sizedhearing protection for any time that I went to do an engine check with themain engine on (which actually sounds VERY cute, now that I think about it).During my watch this morning, we motored for the second half, to ensure wewould make it to the Wellington Harbour limits according to the schedule setfor us by the frog authorities. Thank goodness I have people on my watch.They all did engine room checks on my behalf.-         Actually, going back, this morning had many weathers. In Brooke'sastute observation, we had all of them during our watch. It was at differenttimes rainy and dry, sunny and cloudy, cold and hot, windy and not windy. Ithink a frog would have been generally pretty happy with all of them. Exceptmaybe I would have dried out too much when it was hot and sunny. And I woulddefinitely have had a hard time striking and furling the mainsail on our wayin to our anchorage.-         If I was a frog, I would have a hard time furling any sails,because of the danger of becoming enclosed in the furl. I'll say, I think Iwould be EXCELLENT at lookout, despite the danger. Frogs are known for theirobservational skills. And I bet I could look in more directions than Iusually can with my person eyes. I think I'd need a radio, because of howlong it would take me to hop back to the quarterdeck and report anyimportant clouds or other boats, and because I'd have to be SERIOUSLYstrapped in so that I did not fly away into the sea every time we hit a bigswell. But anyway, I would rely on my shipmates a lot. But I wouldcontribute a lot, too, in my way.-         In that way, things would not change very much if I was a frog.I'm so lucky to spend my time on this boat, surrounded by the people whofind themselves here. The ones who listen to that little, urging voice intheir heads telling them to try something absolutely outside of theircomfort zones. The ones who take care of each other along the way. The oneswho leap.Shout out to Marshall's mom! You raised a cool son who is doing at leastthree jobs worth of jobs and being a really great shipmate in the meantime.Literally everyone onboard says hello to you.Shoutout also to Brooke's mom, who has a VERY SPECIAL half birthday today!!It's four times worth of a half birthday, which actually equals two wholebirthdays. Big stuff.Shout out also to my parents and siblings <3 I love and miss you all verymuch, and can't wait to talk a bit while we're here in Wellington!Katherine RigneyFirst Marine Tech

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