Mamma Mia, Here We Go Again!

April 4, 2024

Author: Amelia Lang, C Watch, Barnard College


Ship's Log

Tuesday, 2 April (again)

Noon Position (Lat and Long): 42°18.12’S x 175°62.70’W
Ship Heading (degrees): 116°
Ship Speed (knots): 3.5
Taffrail Log (nm): 574.7
Weather / Wind / Sail Plan (from 1300 Watch Change): Light winds from the North East, sailing under the four lowers on a port tack
Description of location: Southern South Pacific Subtropical Gyre

All of us aboard the Seamans are now on hour 42 of April 2nd 2024. After we
crossed the International Date Line early yesterday (this?) morning, we have
been living out our Groundhog Day dreams. I was awoken at 0600 by my lovely
B Watch friends for breakfast—I had two pancakes. Big contrast to yesterday
where I slept in until 0930. Then, B Watch turned over the deck to C Watch;
it’s always such a treat to have Meg and Matt brief us on the happenings.
Today, I was in lab, where we had a robust array of activities: neuston net
and hydro-cast deployment, picking through the net (found an awesome
barnacle), and some data entry. My lab watch today was a great complement to
deck watch yesterday—I’ve gotten to do it all on these April 2nds! After A
watch relieved us, we ate a yummy lunch and went to class! For our lesson
today we talked about the International Date Line and Greenwich Mean Time
and then practiced some safety drills. The sun came out today, so the
afternoon has been full of drawing, snacking, and music making on the
quarter deck. Some musical highlights include: getting to sing the
basketball song with my 22 closest friends, Amy playing Bach on the violin,
and Liam’s lovely guitar. To conclude (and celebrate) such a lovely day of
twos, I have compiled a list of things that we have done twice:

-          C Watch has done 2 afternoon watches, 2 morning watches, 2 neuston tows, and 2 “fancy weather” observations
-          I am approaching 2 days sans seasickness
-          We gybed twice this morning (but many more to come)
-          I have taken 2 ship showers and solved 2 ship Wordles
-          We were able to indulged in our 2nd enchilada meal in 2 days! Enchilawesome
-          Amy has worn 2 shoes every day! Good work Amy!
-          Liam has knitted 2 rows on his sweater
-          I finished reading my second Chekhov play last night! It was Ivanov.
-          JD has only worn 2 pairs of pants (she’s doing laundry tomorrow—stay tuned for updates)
-          Lindy celebrated her 30th wedding anniversary two times!
-          Murph and Charlie are making the second meal of mac n cheese tonight
-          Davi is making sure everyone drinks 2 bottles of water every day
-          We all love 2 be 2gether!!

This has been a most wonderful April 2nd! I would be happy to keep reliving
it, but I am excited for what April 3 and beyond bring. Sending love to all
of my people at home, and reminding you to cherish every day, you don’t
always get to repeat it.

Amelia Lang, C Watch, Barnard College

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  1. OLIVIA April 4, 2024 at 11:17 - Reply

    Glad to see you’re showering!!! cherishing this blog FOR REAL. Miss you loads, the sea is happier with you in it. see you soon baby shark! -OT

  2. Tara Terranova April 4, 2024 at 12:19 - Reply

    Hello Amelia this is your good friend Tara! So glad you are still getting your fix of pancakes aboard the ship! Stay safe out there xoxoxo

  3. Mary O.T April 4, 2024 at 14:13 - Reply

    So many talented authors. Thankful for these beautiful updates. Loving Finn’s honorable mentions and candids. XO to all

  4. Meredith Lang April 4, 2024 at 21:17 - Reply

    I didn’t know we could post! This is amazing and makes my heart so happy! Of course I have way more to say than will fit here but I have told many, many people….

  5. Margaret Holdeman April 4, 2024 at 22:05 - Reply

    Amelia, Best Wishes for continuing your great sea adventure!

  6. Clare LaPine Wibiralske April 10, 2024 at 12:45 - Reply

    Amelia rockstar!!! You know I love a list! Especially one with some wit in it. So happy to see your sea-filled adventures and puns. Great blue fish picture what kind is it? I know time is hard to keep track of but you seem to be getting the hang of it. Proud of you for reading your plays. Miss you dearly!!!

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