Master of science, push-ups, and eating

February 22, 2024



Ship's Log

February 22, 2024Position: 39° 03.612’S & 179°28.376’WHeading: 190° trueSpeed: 1 KnotDistance: 624nmWeather: The Bobby Seamans is cruising along on 6-7 foot waves, with windsat a beaufort force of 2 coming in from the southeast. The sun is shiningdown upon us through about a 3/ cloud cover of cumulus and altocumulus cloudswith a temperature of 22°C

Eat, sleep, and stand watch. This is what our schedule looks like and evenmore so, feels like. Even though we are on a 6 hours on, 12 hours offschedule, it feels that my body is always working, always in motion from thesway of the boat. Muscles working just to stand. At times I let my bodythrash around and accumulate the so-called “boat bites” from bracing myselfon any surface I can find. I have been eating like a rabid raccoon that hasbeen trapped in a basement for a week. Anything I can find gets piled intomy mouth socket with the urgency of an MOB (man overboard) drill. Myfavorite midnight snack, or as we like to call it, mid-rats, has beenbrownies. Thankfully we have wonderful stewards who make the most deliciousmeals that taste even better due to a phenomenon I like to call “boathungry.”To offset this astronomical input of calories, I’m challenging myself withthe nautical mile challenge where I do crunches, squats, and push-ups foreach mile traveled which amounts to ~100 of each, every day. I have beenhaving trouble with push-ups. However, slowly but surely, I’ve beenmastering my perfect push-up technique (ppt).This morning, B watch (the watch I’m in), stood dawn watch. This is watchbetween 0100 to 0700 am. I was a deck hand today, which means flippingbetween lookout, helmsman, boat checker, and map charting and plotting.While I’m on lookout, I become Celine Dion. I started off with 80’s hitslike George Michel and Wham! Then I moved into the 60’s with “Moon River”and “Edelweiss” and then into the 50’s with some Louis Armstrong songs like“What a Wonderful World” and “La vie en Rose.” Lookout is a time formeditation, and also belting any song that you remember the lyrics to at thetop of your lungs.During watch we also do science. The other day, I was on science and wedeployed a neuston net, and did a 100-count of the biomass that we captured.We also deployed the carousel or the CTD which collect water samples atvarious depths. I had the role of wire driver, which controls the loweringof the CTD into the water and then shouting sporadically every 50-feet thecarousel is lowered. I also took the pH of surface seawater using thespectrophotometer. Some other notable science stuff has been our sea-birdand marine mammal observations. There have been ~6 sightings of dolphinsdiffering in species. Among these, we saw spinners and striped dolphins.During my last dawn watch, we saw dolphin riding along the bow of our shiplit up by bioluminescence. It’s like sledding for them! It has to have beenone of the coolest things I’ve seen so far.A message to everyone at home:Mamus i Tatuli,Kocham was I teskne za wami. Czytam Jerzycjade i mysle o was. Zadzwonie jaknaj szybciej jak bede mogla. Trzymajcie sie cieplutko I badzcie grzeczni.Wszystko tutaj jest super, i jestem zdrowiutka I szczesliwa. Nie martwciesie za mna! Kocham was!! Buziaki i usciski,Wasza JuleczkaTalciu! I miss you and I hope you and Jonathon are doing well. I know you’retough so you’re doing ok without me, but stay safe and in the words ofChristine from POTO: “Think of me, think of me fondly, when we’ve saidgooooodbye! remember me, once in a while now promise me you’ll try!”Jen-Jen! Love you and miss you. I’ll try to find as many postcards for youas I can. Hopefully, I’ll get some at each port stop. I hope you and Chrisare doing okay and I miss you soooooo much!!To all my Marist red foxes: I love you and miss you!. Hope the semester isgoing good so far. And to all my friends at home, love you all the same!Zosia and Togli, love you!!Jamine! I miss you like crazy and I think about you when I’m at lookout. Iam rereading all of your letters and appreciating your beautiful NationalPark postcard colorings. Can’t wait to see you again. I’m still writing;will send these out when I get to port.Kia ora,

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