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October 4, 2023

Author: Mattie

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All hands meeting on the quarterdeck.

Ship's Log

Wednesday, 04 October 2023

Noon Position: (Lat and Long):  41deg 24.1’N x 069deg 13.9’W

Ship Heading (degrees):  060 deg Ship Speed (knots): 3 knots Log (nm):  58.2nm

Weather /Wind / Sail Plan (from 1300 Watch Change):  Motosailing with mains’l,mainstays’l and forestays’l in light winds from NE x E.  Sunny, clear skies.

Monday Morning we woke up and finished packing our duffels and got asurprise visit from Brooks, Heidi T, John B, and Derek. We ate breakfast allas a group and then went for a walk to the beach with Heidi, JB and Derek.We came back to the ‘North Pole’ at SEA. The crew (us) helped toss packedduffle bags and backpacks into the Proctor van. My bag was so heavy but Iwas able to fit my fowlies and all of my gear in with my shoes and bootstied to the side. I was not on watch, so after lunch, which was leftoverpizza and sandwiches, I was able to chill with Riley and Cass and accidentlyfell asleep. But when they got up to be the first group to the Ship. I wokeup and was a part of the first shuttle to the boat. Cass, Ryan, Tallulah,Sophie, Riley and I were the first group. Once we got to the dock, we foundall of our bags in a pile on the dock and collected and dragged ours to thegangway. Johnny the chief mate told us what we were doing and then Ryan wasthe first aboard, Cass was the second and I was the third. I came downthrough the Mid Science ladder and got my bunk assignment. I usually havethe worst luck so I was expecting to not get a great bunk but to mysurprise, I got the best bunk and the best bunk mate, Ryan! I am notdirectly in the Saloon or the head; I am right in-between next to the galleyentrance. I am on the top bunk and have the most storage space than anyother bunk. I defiantly couldn’t use all of the space I was given so forfolks whose bunks could not fit their duffels after unpacking, I stored inmy bunk. Some student’s barely got any space so I was more than happy tohelp out! It turns out this bunk has a nick name… ‘The Princess Bunk’. Islept great the first night, the professional crew was so nice and let usall get a full night of sleep before we set sail.

First Actual Day: I woke up from a great night of sleep! ‘A’ watch was on first to help getthe boat ready for departure. I was accidently woken up because Madi Zhan is‘A’ watch and I (Mattie Dickinson) is on ‘B’ watch. Funny right! Oh well itwasn’t the worst because I was able to get to the head before the rush! ThenI got some Tea and waited for my watch to get breakfast. Once breakfast wasdown the hatch, all hands to deck were called to set sail. Since I am on ‘B’watch our job was fendering; we held the lines the fenders were on andhelped walk and bump the boat out of the dock. Jen the director at SEA andSEA faculty watched us leave Woods hole and say goodbye.

First Leg Underway: We have finally set sail after 3 ½ weeks of waiting! We traveled a few hoursto Nantucket and anchored for the night. During the day we did 2 hour watchshifts so everyone knew or had an idea on the jobs and positions we have onwatch. We learned how to stand lookout, do a boat check, science deploymentsand stand helm. Once we were done with first rounds of the intro watches weate some dinner. The overnight into the next day, ‘C’ and ‘A’ watch had 2hour watch shifts from 1900 – 0700. Then ‘B’ watch (Noah, Teo, Liam, Tess,Paige, Riley, and Me) stood watch for 6 hours after a rare all-nighter ofsleep. It was exhausting we got relieved at 1300 the got some lunch. I tooka good but quick nap from 1330-1415. Then we had an all hands meeting andreceived a weather, science, and navigation report. While the reporting, wewere interrupted multiple times with dolphins, whales, sharks and Molamola’s (sunfish). Those sightings continued throughout the afternoon.  I amsitting here on deck waiting 45 minutes for dinner before I sleep from1830-2330 for my 0100-0700 watch. My hands are tired and sore like the restof my body. They have started to callus from all the line handling. Andguess what…!!!! WE GOT MAIL TODAY!!!!! All of us were so excited to receivemail!!! So keep it coming!!

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