Stellwagen Bank in the Wind and Fog

July 8, 2024

Author: Jeff Schell, Chief Scientist


Keila and Nora deploying the secchi disc on Stellwagen Bank

Ship's Log

Saturday, 6 July 2024
Position:  42 16.5'N, 070 21.2'W
Log: 498.2nm
Weather / Wind and Sail Plan:  Main Sail, Main-Stays'l, Fore-Stays' and Jib (part of the day)
Strong Winds (Beaufort Force 5) from SSW, 7/8ths of the sky covered by clouds and foggy
Description of where we are sailing:  Sailing over Stellwagen Bank

Another busy day of sailing and scientific discovery onboard the Corwith Cramer.  The winds picked and we were sailing right along, but when the fog came rolling in we had to slow down so we struck the Jib in high winds.  Then it was time to "stop" the ship for science.  We deployed most of the toys in the lab including the secchi disc, hydrophone, CTD, phytonet and Neuston net.  No sediment sampling is allowed in the marine sanctuary.
The afternoon was dedicated to a fun, competitive event called the Line Chase.  Each Watch does their best to identify all the lines on the ship.  In the end we realized that everyone indeed is a winner because everyone has learned their lines.  That means we can do some more sailing!
Tomorrow we transit the Cape Cod Canal and we will anchor for the night.

Stay tuned to the blog for tomorrow's update!

Jeff Schell, Chief Scientist

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